Chippewa National Forest Current SOPA

Chippewa National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Developing Proposal

  • FR2540 road permit reissue

    Reissue a special use road permit for FR2540

  • Fire-dependent Ecosystem Restoration Project

    The use of prescribed fire and associated mechanical treatments to restore fire-dependent ecosystems and wildlife habitats on national forest system lands within the proclamation boundary of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Indian Reservation.

  • FR2082AA Road Permit

    Road permit to access and maintain FR2082AA, Lille Vermillion Dr NE to access private property.

  • Johnson Telephone Amendment 3

    Installation and maintenance of fiber optic distribution lines. The cable will be installed using direct burial plowing methods and low impact direction drilling will be used for crossing all streams and roads. within reservation.

  • LCFS Lot 6- Septic Installation

    Installation of new septic system

  • Spruce Decline CE

    Address a recent and developing combination of fungal, and insect induced disease issues causing high mortality rates in white spruce and balsam fir stands forest wide.

  • Walker Bay Lot 10 Window Replacement

    replacement of window in cabin

  • Winnie Dam Lot 5 Driveway Graveling

    Addition of gravel to existing driveway

  • Winnie Sand

    This project will include vegetation management. The project is within the exterior boundary of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe reservation boundary.

Under Analysis

  • Big Rock Lot 10 Septic Replacement Request

    Removal of old holding tank and installation of new septic system. Within LLBO reservation boundary.

  • FR3334 Road Permit

    Issuing a special use road permit for construction, access, and maintenance of FR3334. Proposed road would cover approximately 1.3 acres.

  • Norway Bluff Lot 1 Roof Replacement Request

    Replacement of septic line from cabin to septic tank

  • Pennington North Resource Management Project

    Multiple resource management project including forest vegetation, wildlife, and watershed improvements, as well as fuels and travel management activities. Some improvement and management activities will include the sale of forest products.

  • Sandy Beach Lot 2 AC unit Proposal

    Install a mini-split cooling unit on the SW side of the cabin. This unit will be placed on a above ground concreate pad with no ground disturbance and not be visible from the lake side of the cabin. within reservation.

  • Stony Point Campground Improvements

    replace large lighted fee board, restroom interior remodel, septic lift station replacement, well house replacement, septic system upgrade, RV dump station upgrades removal of sewer lagoon remnants, and campsite electric pedestal upgrade to 50 amp.

  • Walker Bay Lot 12 Deck Installation

    Building a new 140 sq ft deck at a recreation residence cabin

Analysis Completed

  • Blackduck Ranger Station Updates

    Decommisioning and disposal of the existing North and south warehouses, oil shed, and pesticide shed at the Blackduck Ranger Station and the construction of new buildings as replacements.

  • FR2112B Road Permit Reissue

    FR2112B Road Permit Reissue. This is not within the boundary of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe reservation

  • FR2350 Scenic Park

    MNDNR is requesting to improve FR2350. They want to improve approximately 3600 feet of existing minimum maintenance road from a width of 9 feet to 12 feet and clear brush and trees to a width of 18 feet.

  • FR2508A, FR2514, FR3450, FR3450A Road permit- BLD552202

    Road permit reissue

  • FR2518 Road Permit

    Road permit for the use and maintenance of an existing forest road, FR3518 aka Briezin Road. DER102100

  • Harbor Dredging Stony Point

    Dredge harbor utilizing a backhoe and then hauling sand to a site down Stony Point Camp Rd.

  • Lake Country Power-Amendment 26

    Replace overhead lines with single phase underground in the same route using a vibratory plow and directional boring in wet areas. The total length is is 0.65 miles.

  • Liebracht Road Permit WAL651603

    Road permit reissue for a private road on NFS lands. Project is within LLBO Reservation lands.

  • MN DNR Game Cam

    MN DNR wishes to set up 12 game cameras around Lake Winnibigoshish to monitor anglers.

  • Old Grade Snowmobile Trail Reroute

    Reroute 2.25 miles of the Chippewa C snowmobile trail from its current alignment on Old Grade Road (FR 2312) and move it onto mostly county land except for approx. 500 feet of new construction on FS land and using 0.65 miles of FR2830

  • Road permit reissue for FR2632A

    Road permit reissue for FR2632A. Project is within LLBO boundary.

  • Road permit reissue for FR3402A and FR3402

    Road permit reissue for FR3402A and FR3402

  • Road Permit Reissue-Johnson Lake Road Association MAR597003

    Road Permit Reissue-Johnson Lake Road Association MAR597003. Not on LLBO reservation.

  • Star Island, Norway Bluff Lot 5 Shed Proposal

    Star Island, Norway Bluff Lot 5 Shed Proposal. Located within Reservation boundary

  • U1117 Road Permit - BLD300200

    Issue a road permit to add gravel to U1117.

  • U5189 Road Permit Reissue- WAL 402204

    Road permit reissue for the use and maintenance of an existing forest road, U5189. No projects are being requested at this time and all activities fall within the scope of the standard permit.WAL402204

  • Walker Bay Lot 20 Outhouse Relocation WAL 528303

    Outhouse Relocation - Permit holder is requesting to move their current outhouse to a new location on a new slab and make repairs needed to continue utilizing the same building structure

  • West Pike Bay Lot 1 window replacement Request

    Replacement of window with BB damage

On Hold

  • Norway Beach Resort Shoreline Stabilization

    The project includes construction of 244 feet of rock riprap shoreline protection at the Norway Beach Resort along the shoreline of Cass Lake. The project is within the LLBO


  • Pine Grove Lodge Cabin 5 Expansion

    Pine Grove Lodge has requested approval to add 20 feet to Cabin 5 This project is located on National Forest System lands outside the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe reservation.

  • South Winnie Lot 5 Deck install

    Proposal to install new 199 square foot deck attached to the existing cabin on Lot 5, South Winnie Tract This is within the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Reservation.

  • Big Rock Addition Harbor Retaining Wall Repair

    requesting repair of a wood retaining wall that has rotted and is leading to erosion. On reservation.

  • Enbridge Line 4 Mile Posts 984

    Enbridge-Issuing a temporary work permit to perform maintenance on Line 4. This is within the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe reservation Boundary

  • Enbridge Mississippi River Remediation

    Installation of clean grout bags and riprap to cover, protect, and minimize potential erosion for lines 1 and 2 across the Mississippi River. Less then 5 ac. distrubance

  • Lake Country Power amendment 12

    Install approx. 3.8 miles of underground electric line and remove overhead lines and poles in existing ROW. This is within the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Reservation.

  • Mills Small Tracts Act Conveyance

    Duplicate project

  • Monitoring Plot Research

    MNDNR to monitor three plots on NFS lands on Walker and Blackduck Ranger Districts.Actual ground disturbance is less than 5 acres. The project is inside the Leech Lake Reservation. Permit action where No Decision Memo required under 7CFR 1b.3(a)(3).

  • Norway Beach Resort New Owner Permit

    Norway Beach Resort will soon be selling to a new owner, Jimmy Williams. The current permit is issued to Richard Hendry and has an expiration date of December 31, 2023.

  • Qwest Permit Amendment 2 Install fiber optic lines (duplicate to project number 54216)

    **duplicate to project number 54216**Install new fiber optic lines in rural areas within existing utility cooridors for customers as part of the Connect America Fund broadband project sponsored by the US government.

  • Upper Pigeon Aspen Snag Enhancement Project

    Remove the tops of 20 older aspen trees using blasting to improve wildlife habitat by increasing structural diversity in a 34 acre mixed aspen stand. The project is within the Leech Lake Reservation.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.