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Forest Projects

Proposed Actions for Naches and Cle Elum District Flood Repair Projects 2013

Motorized Travel Management


CERCLA Projects

Holden Mine Site Cleanup

Azurite Mine Site Cleanup

Antimony Queen Mine Site Cleanup

Beth Lake Prospect Cleanup

Minnie Mine and Mill Site Cleanup

Copper Glance Mine

Conconully Ranger Station Auction

Forest Projects

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Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Under Analysis

Boulder Cave White-Nose Syndrome Prevention Project

Installation of a barrier at the west entrance to Boulder Cave to guide visitors to the system trail. Stepping stones in Devil's Creek, trail boot cleaning stations, and educational kiosks would also be installed for the protection of bats.

Box Canyon Trail

Construct approximately 5 miles of non-motorized trail from 25 Mile Creek Helibase to Box Canyon on the south shore of Lake Chelan.

Chelan County PUD Distribution Line Permit Renewal

Renew special use permit for existing above ground and below ground distribution lines, including power poles, transformers, vaults, substations and numerous other electrical facilities located on NFS lands.

Club Site Permit Reissuances

To reissue a new permit to two existing club sites. The duration of these permits will be 5 years.

FSR6910 Road Repair and maintenance

Project is to issue a road use permit to T-Mobile to complete light maintenance road repairs to FSR6910 to the communications site on Round Mountain.

KOHO Radio Communication Site

Permit for KOHO Radio communication site tower and for an ice bridge to protect wiring.

Leavenworth Nonprofit TV

Issue an permit for a new term for an existing powerline from the Leavenworth Ski Hill to the Tumwater Mountain.

Little Crow Project w/Proposed Northwest Forest Plan Amendment

Restoration project to increase forest resiliency, restore aquatic resources, and maintain public access within the larger context of the Little Naches Watershed.

McKenzie - Beverly 115Kv Electric Transmission Line Permit

Issue a permit for another term for an exisitng electrical transmission line that crosses National Forest System lands and supplies several substations with electricity.

Methow Headwater Mineral Withdrawal

Recommend the Secretary of the Interior withdraw from location and entry under mining laws about 340,079 acres of NFS lands, subject to valid existing rights, for a period of 20 years in aid of legislation (S566).

Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort Expansion Project

Project is to amend the Mission Ridge Special Use Permit, building a new access road, constructing new alpine ski lifts and ski runs on Forest Service lands.

Motorized Travel Management

Designate roads/trails/areas open to motorized vehicle use outside of wilderness consistent with Travel Management Rule. Roads/trails/areas not designated as open would be closed to motorized use. Project does not address over-the-snow motorized use.

Mt. Hull Restoration Project

The intent is to implement a set of treatments that rely on the principles of landscape and stand-level restoration ecology while meeting current direction. Of the 105,288 acre watershed area, approximately 20,563 acres are on NFS lands.

New and reissuance of 1 year term Outfitter and Guide Special Use Permits

Permit to be reissued: (1)Chinook Pass Outfitters; One new permit: (2)White Pass Outfitters

Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan will develop administrative and management goals, objectives and practices for public lands in Forest Service Regions 1 and Regions 6.

Railroad Creek Driftwood Harbor Protection

Temporarily place 6-10 ecology blocks above OHW to deflect overbank flows from Railroad Creek away from a potential avulsion low spot that flows directly into Driftwood Harbor.

Recreation Residence and Organizational Camp Projects

Owners of Recreation Residences in several Recreation Residence tracts and YMCA Camp Dudley have submitted applications for various repairs and alterations to their privately owned structures to ensure safety, accessibility and regulatory compliance.

Recreation Residence Improvement and Maintenance Projects

Improvements and maintenance projects at cabins in Gold Creek and Bear Cove Summer Home Tracts.

Recreation Residence, Camp, and Resort Project Proposals

21 project authorizations including: Propane tank installation, deck/cabin addition, roof repair, storage shed modification, door & window replacement, satellite dish installation, flag pole installation, outhouse rebuild. See attached documentation

Reissuance of Short Term (Less than One Year)Recreation Event Permits

Short Term Recreation Event Special Use Permit reissuance for Yakima Ski Benders Little Naches Poker Run.

RiverCom Goat Mountain Communication Site Upgrade

The project consists of the removal of an existing steel communications building and tower with guy wires and the installation of a new steel facility of the same size, a free standing tower, and concrete slab.

Skinney Creek Restoration Project

Reconnect Skinney Creek to its historic floodplain; increase habitat complexity with benefits to Upper Columbia River spring Chinook and steelhead. Create up to 0.5 mile of spawning habitat and improve migratory and rearing habitat for these species.

Special Use Permit Issuance- Wenatchee River Isolated Residence

Issue a new special use permit for an existing isolated residence on the forest

Steven Walters Road Permit issuance

issuing a road use permit to Steven A Walters for the use of a section of road that crosses national forest system lands. This is the only road that accesses the property. This will be allow for the authorization of a permit up to 20 years.

Stream Temperature Monitoring Special Use Permit

Deploy equipment to monitor water level, barometric pressure, air temp in French and Leland Creek.

Swauk Pine Restoration

Landscape scale silvicultural treatments (thinning and burning)to improve resilience to disturbance, and stream and floodplain restoration at 66 sites. Project includes road improvements, closure, relocation, and decommissioning.

Table Mountain Danger Tree and Fuelwood removal

This project proposes the felling of danger trees within striking distance of the road, and the removal of felled trees as personal use firewood and post and poles with purchase of the appropriate permit.

Taneum Restoration Project

This project is evaluating opportunities for the restoration of riparian processes and forest vegetation structure and fuel patterns to improve forest resiliency to severe insect, disease, and wildfire disturbances and reduce the risk of habitat loss

Upper Wenatchee Pilot Project

Landscape scale aquatic and terrestrial restoration project which includes hazardous fuels, road management, vegetation management and aquatic and terrestrial habitat improvement treatments. More info at the site below.

Various Water Transmission Lines and Storage Tank Re-Issuance Permits CE

Re-issuance of new term permits for existing water transmission lines and water storage tanks across the district

Wenatchee-Chiwawa Irrigation District Permit Renewal

Renew permit for existing irrigation ditch on NFS lands

White Pass 2014 Projects

The Naches R.D. is considering a proposal by the White Pass Company, the operator of the White Pass Ski Area, to expand its Nordic ski trail system and facilities.

Analysis Completed

10 Mile Trail(#1256) Reroute

Reroute a portion of the 10 Mile Creek Trail (#1256) that was damaged in the Wolverine Fire in 2015 near Holden Village. The .18 mile reroute will move the trail location away from 10 Mile Creek to a more sustainable location.

2018 Commercial Mushroom Program

This proposal would allow the Cle Elum Ranger District to sell commercial mushroom permits to approve harvest within the Jolly Mountain Fire perimeter. This would also designate 2 camping sites for permitee use.

2018 Developed Recreation Sites Hazard Tree Mitigation

This project will allow for the falling of trees evaluated as hazardous to people, property, and structures. This will encompass all Cle Elum Ranger District developed recreation sites.

Bonaparte Mountain Whitebark Pine Maintenance

Whitebark pine grows on top of Bonaparte Mountain. Other species such as lodgepole pine grow in the same area and compete with whitebark pine. Releasing the whitebark pine would improve growth and wildfire survival of the population

Box Canyon Creek Bull Trout Project Road Maintenance

The project will open up FS RD 4930-118 Box Canyon Creek,for use as a secure stockpile site for the Box Canyon Creek bull trout habitat restoration project. The road will be brushed and a gate installed. This gate will be removed upon completion.

Buck Mountain Trail Designation and Improvements

Designate Buck Mountain Trail as a system trail, open for all non-motorized recreational users and allow trail improvements that would substantially manage growing recteation in the area and offer resource protection through focused use.

Cascade Orienteering Club

This proposal would issue a rec permit for an orienteering race to be held on June 10, 2018.

Cougar Gulch Aquatic Organism Passage (AOP) Project

The Cougar Gulch Aquatic Organism Passage project proposes to restore connectivity at 2 locations by replacing stream crossing culverts and thus provide improved fish access to approximately 5 stream miles of upstream habitat.

Couloir Adventures LLC- Temporary Outfitter and Guiding Permit

This proposal would issue a temporary outfitter and guiding permit for backcountry ski trips and avalanche education courses for 200 service days. Activities can be 1-5 days in length. Access to the area can be on ski's and via snowmobiles.

Crow Creek Guide Service

This proposal will issue a temporary outfitter and guide permit to Cow Creek Guide Service to launch rafts for guided fly fishing on the Cle Elum River.

Eyler Private Road Permit

This proposal issues an expired private road permit to a new land owner. The segment of road is 200 feet long and is existing on the ground. This permit term will be 20 years.

Forest-wide Site-Specific Invasive Plant Management EIS

Forest-wide invasive plant treatment and early detection and rapid response.

Just Show Up- Camp setup service DBA SummerGal Adventures

This proposal will allow SummerGal Adventures to provide a full car-camping equipment rental and setup and take down service. She will bring the gear to an already reserved site within the developed recreation campsites and set up and tear down.

Kongsberger Ski Club Race Modification

This proposal would issue a modification to an existing 5 year permit for Kongsberger Ski Club to add a previously non-commercial event to the commercial rec event list. Increasing numbers now requires them to obtain an event for this youth ski race.

Lake Chelan Campground Prince Creek Dock Replacement

Remove and replace the old (slowly sinking) cedar log floating dock (old 65 feet x 9 feet) with new HDPE enclosed floats that support a 17 foot x 67 foot dock designed to accommodate ferry docking on one side and public docking on the other side.

Little Crow Restoration Project

Restoration project to increase forest resiliency, restore aquatic resources, and maintain public access within the larger context of the Little Naches watershed.

Little Naches Culvert Upgrades

Upgrade specified existing culverts in the Upper and Lower Little Naches Watershed to meet 100-year flood flows, Aquatic Organism Passage (AOP), and critical habitat for Bull trout and Steelhead.

Lost Meadow and North Fork Little Naches Wood Replenishment

The project proposes to enhance aquatic habitat by placing wood within the 100 year floodplain of the North Fork Little Naches River and the Mainstem Little Naches River.

Mission Restoration Project

The project uses results of the Ecosystem Management Decision Support (EMDS) tools to identify vegetation, wildlife, and aquatic restoration; and wildfire hazard reduction needs at the stand and landscape level in the 50,200 acre project area.

Nason Creek (N1) Side Channel Reconnection (AOP) Aquatic Organism Passage

Project will replace a perched 48 inch culvert and install an open bottom, 3 sided concrete culvert under SR 207. The project will improve hydraulic connectivity and fish access to the floodplain that was cut-off by construction of SR207.

Northwest Bicycle Improvement Co. LLC- Temporary Outfitter Guide Permit

This permit would allow a mountain bike shuttle service to drop off and pick/up riders and their bikes on the Kachess Ridge/ Silver Creek trail .

Number Two Canyon Trail System EA

Development of a non-motorized, mult-user trail system in Number Two Canyon and Twin Peaks area including trailheads.

Olympia Stake LDS Church Hand cart trek

This proposal will issue a temporary permit for a youth hand cart trek on FS system roads and trails in the Taneum and Manastash areas. Group size will be 150-200 on July 9-14, 2018.

Olympic National Park Mountain Goat Management Plan

Non-native mountain goat removal to address resource and safety issues on the Olympic Peninsula. Goats could be removed from the Olympic National Park and Forest. Goats could be translocated to Mount Baker-Snoqualmie and Okanagon-Wenatchee NFs.

Pack and Saddle Stock Outfitter-Guide Special Use Permit Issuance

Supplemental EIS being prepared to issue special use permits for pack and saddle stock outfitter-guides in the Pasayten and Lake Chelan-Sawooth Wilderness and other areas on the Methow Valley, Tonasket and Chelan Ranger Districts.

Reissuance of Tieton River Whitewater Rafting Outfitter and Guide Special Use Permits

Reissue up to 11 permits to companies that operate as whitewater rafting outfitter and guides during the "flip flop" on the Tieton River.

Round Mountain - LocalTel communications

Excavate an area approximately 41'x50'for additional 12' x 26' storage area next to existing facility and construct retaining wall to match existing

Stauffer Private Property Access

This is a request for vehicular access to private land adjacent to Crystal Springs Campground. The campground is no longer operating and portions of the campground are under a special use permit to WSDOT.

Summer Blossom Whitebark Pine Restoration

This project is to maintain, restore and enhance whitebark pine habitat and the Summer Blossom meadow area through treatments including: small tree thinning, pruning, prescribed burning, whitebark pine planting. Total treatment area is ~ 1,576 ac.

Three Peaks Outfitter Special Use Permit

This permit is replacing an expired one year permit. This permit allows Three Peaks to offer pack and saddle stock trips on the Cle Elum Ranger District for 500 user days.

Troutwater Guide Service Outfitter and Guide Permit

This proposal will issue a temporary outfitter and guide permit to Troutwater to launch rafts for recreational floats and guided fly fishing on the Cle Elum River.

On Hold

Bear Cove Boat Club Special Use Permit

Issue a new permit to the Bear Cove Boat Club.

Boundary Butte Communication Site Additions CE

Installation of additional propane tanks at existing site

Chelminar Club Special Use Permit

Issue an existing club a special use permit for a new term.

Ditch, Dam, & Reservoir Permit Reissuances

To reissue three ditch, dam, and reservoir permits to existing permitees. The duration of these permits will be 30 years.

Federal Land Policy and Management Act Permit Reissuances

To reissue new permits for three existing road right-of-ways. The duration of these permits will be 20 years.

Forest Service Road 1901 Flood Repair

Repair the damaged portions of Forest Service Road 1901. The damaged sites are at mile post 6.9 and 7.2.

Mission Ridge Ski Area Snowmaking CE

Expand existing snowmaking capability to cover areas accessed by Chair 3.

Naches Pass Trail Bridge Replacement

The Naches District will replace a highly used bridge on the historic Naches Pass Trail. The existing bridge is in serious disrepair. The bridge spans the North Fork of the Little Naches River and is located on Four Wheel Drive Trail 684.

Name Change on Existing Waterline Authorization

This proposal would authorize a name change on an existing permit. The land was sold and the permit authorizes a waterline to cross National Forest Land.

North Cascades Ecosystem Grizzly Bear Restoration Plan/Environmental Impact Statement

The National Park Service and Fish and Wildlife Service are preparing a North Cascades Ecosystem Grizzly Bear Restoration Plan and Environmental Impact Statement to determine how to restore the grizzly bear to the North Cascades ecosystem.

NW Lake Cle Elum Restoration Project

Proposal to non-commercially thin 533 acres and decommission or close several roads on the west side of Lake Cle Elum, to mitigate for permanent impacts to critical habitat for Northern spotted owls associated with Cle Elum Pool Raise Project.

Okanogan Wenatchee Forest Plan Revision

The Land and Resource Management Plans of combined Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests are being revised as required by the National Forest Management Act. The focus is to update parts of the plans no longer current and requiring change.

Ravens Roost Communications Site-Facility 1-Issue new 20 year communication site lease

Issuance of a new 20 year special use permit/communications site lease to the new facility owner.

Reissuance of Tieton River Whitewater Rafting Outfitter and Guide Special Use Permits

Reissue up to 11 permits to companies that operate as whitewater rafting outfitter and guides during the "flip flop" on the Tieton River

Silver Beach Resort Permit Reissuance

Reissuance of permit to allow Silver Beach Resort to continue to operate and maintain a resort consisting of a motel, restaurant, rental cabins, commercial campground, boat launch, dock, float, and boat rental facilities.

Southern Star Mining Plan of Operation

1-2 person seasonal operation accessed by FS9711121. No seasonal or permanent camp site, underground mining will be with hand tools, drill and blast in existing mine tunnels. Activities: portal reconstruction, ore and waste rock, hazard tree removal

Tumwater Campground Vault Toilets CE

Replacement of failing sewer system with vault toilets

Water Line Permit Reissuances

To reissue nine new water line permits.

Yakima Valley Boat Club Special Use Permit

Issue a new special use permit for the Yakima Valley Boat Club with seasonal moorage for up to 14 boats at the club docks on Rimrock Lake

Yakima Valley Ski Club Special Use Permit

Issue a new special use permit to an existing club for a new term.


2018 Cle Elum Recreation motorized and non-motorized trail maintenance

The Cle Elum Ranger District has plans to perform maintenance on all the trails on the district using force account crews and volunteers during the 2018 field season. There will also be a bridge replacement on 1 trail and 2 trails will be relocated.

2018 Trail Maintenance Blasting Projects

Four blasting projects are proposed on 4 different trail segments, to remove hazardous rock, remove root wads from trail, and to improve rock steps.

Cle Elum Bridge Repairs

This project proposes the replacement of deteriorating bridge abutments, rotting columns and failing approaches on 3 different bridges within the district.

Crow Cabin Permit Reissuance

Authorize a new special use permit to replace an existing expired special use permit for the Crow Cabin for a period of 15 years.

Early Winters Creek Project

Wood structures would be installed along the streambank to provide habitat and bank stability in the Early Winters Campground. Most wood would be 40' long and stabilized using wood piles, partially burying the logs, and boulder bracing of logs.

Ferris Hard Rock Mining

Authorize miner's proposal to mine underground with hand tools in an existing adit. Access is via user-built ATV trail, which miner will close and restore when finished. Ore removed in 5-gallon buckets, for processing off-Forest.

Flagg Mountain Mineral Exploration

Evaluation of a Plan of Operations to conduct copper exploration at up to 15 sites in the Flagg Mountain area.

Hoyt Trail Bridge Project

The proposed Hoyt Trail Bridge would be located immediately upstream of where FS Road 135 currently fords South Fork Taneum Creek and would require a small section of trail to be rerouted so as to join bridge approaches with the existing trail.

Indian Creek Corral Livestock Area Special Use Permit

Issue a new permit for an existing livestock area permit

Indian Creek Corral Resort Special Use Permit

Issue a new special use permit to an existing resort

Naches Outfitter and Guide Permits

Outfitting and guiding opportunies on the Naches R D will be reviewed for environmental effects. The analysis will include all types of O/G including pack stock use, fishing, rafting, snowmobiling, environmental education and mushroom gathering.

Oro Fino Wood Replenishment Project

Skidding large woody material from adjacent uplands to Swauk Creek, and strategically placing the material instream and on floodplain surfaces to improve fish habitat.

Pacific Northwest Navy Range Special Use Permit

To permit the Navy the use of three roadside sites within the existing Military Operations Area, to place mobile vehicles with emitters to conduct training in order to maintain, train, and equip combat-ready military forces.

Parking Lot Permit Reissuance

To issue a new permit to Yakima County Fire District #14 for an existing parking area. This permit covers 2.9 acres for a staging area and use of access road to the property from SR 410. The duration of the permit will be 30 years.

Upper Peshastin Restoration Project EA

Aquatic and terrestrial restoration including road management, hazardous fuels reduction, forest health, and timber stand improvement.

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