Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process including Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Environmental Assessments (EA), or Categorical Exclusions (CE) that involve analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, requires public notice and comment, and results in one of the following NEPA decisions: Record of Decision (ROD), Decision Notice (DN), or Departmental Manual (DM) which, subject to an administrative appeals process, and is implemented on the ground.

Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA)
Current and past Service Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) reports. Questions and comments regarding current projects listed in the SOPA should be directed to the project contact shown in the SOPA.

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The Forest Projects below are projects that we are analyzing or have analyzed under the NEPA process.

Willamette National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Developing Proposal

Planting 2020 Fires

Plant conifers in up to 30% of the acres within the 2020 Beachie Creek, Lionshead, and Holiday Farm fire boundaries outside of wilderness areas. Planting is proposed within the moderate to high severity burn areas.

Under Analysis

1501-1500104 Complex Salvage

The McKenzie River Ranger District is proposing to salvage all fire damaged trees within a 213-acre area located in stands that are 60-115 years old. The project will be harvested using skyline, and ground-based equipment.

Cowhorn Trail Cutoff

Oregon Cascades Recreation Area remains disconnected between the west and east sides as it stands. No bike-legal single track route exists from the popular Timpanogas area to the Windy Lakes. This proposed cutoff will create better connectivity.

Delta A Recreation Residence Project

The McKenzie River Ranger District is proposing to treat approximately 49 acres to remove hazard/danger trees and reduce hazardous fuels in and around the Delta A Recreational Residence and adjacent private homes.

Dispersed Camping Rehabilitation and Improvements

The proposal would rehab and improve dispersed camping sites in several popular areas by reconfiguring sites and closing unauthorized roads or trails. The project is needed to reduce safety concerns, vegetation damage, garbage and human waste issues.

Fall Creek Repeater

We have a need to improve communication within the Fall Creek Watershed and are proposing to install a new repeater. The impacted area is less than 1/4 acre.

Greenwaters Trail Expansion

Three miles of new trail (up to 48" wide and surfaced with pea gravel or wood chips) are proposed along with a 1/4 mile connector trail to the 5852 road and a few very short connector trails to make the trail system more useful and easy to follow.

Lowell Country Project

The project includes thinning of ~15,900 net acres of managed stands under 80 years of age to improve stand growth/vigor and to produce a sustainable supply of forest products, as well as maintain, store and/or decommission ~650 miles of roads.

North Fork Bridge Replacement

The bridge, which is located along the North Fork Trail, has failed and is unsafe to cross. The new bridge would be built with native log stringers by hand using skilled trail bridge builders.

Quartzville-Middle Santiam

Contribute a sustainable supply of timber to local communities while promoting health and diversity in Matrix and LSR land allocations. Vegetation management is proposed for ~7,900 acres. Road decommissioning and maintenance is also proposed.

Side Channel Bridge Construction

We propose to build the Side Channel trail bridge on the Middle Fork Trail #3609 to meet National Health and Safety standards for trails.

SP Thin

The McKenzie River Ranger is proposing to treat approximately 91 acres in three stands that are approximately 44 years old. Treatments would include 63 acres of commercial thinning, 7acres of gaps and 21 acres left unharvested as skips.

Special Forest Products Modernization

The proposed action is to update existing documentation, specify new protections, and open up new opportunities for those seeking timber and non-timber special forest products on the district (excluding firewood).

Tamolitch Pool (Blue Pool)

This project will manage Tamolitch Pool (Blue Pool) by building a parking lot on approximately 3 acres, re-routing a section of the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail, adding recreation amenities, and closing Tamolitch Pool to swimming.

Three Sisters Wildfire Risk Reduction Treatment

This treatment aims to provide pre-established strategic suppression/containment opportunities for wildfires burning within and adjacent to the Three Sisters Wilderness

Tombstone Trail Re-route

The project proposes to re-route 500 feet of the Tombstone trail on the west side of the parking area. The current entrance to the trail is in close proximity to Highway 20 and this creates a safety hazard for both vehicles and hikers.

Walton Ranch Bat House and Gate Installation

The project proposes to construct a new bat house at Walton Ranch to provide quality habitat and the ability to monitor bat populations for WNS. A new gate at the entrance would protect the sensitive area from illegal traffic.

West Abutment Quarry Expansion

The Middle Fork Ranger District is proposing the development of the West Abutment Quarry. A pit plan will be developed which maximizes the amount of suitable rock to be extracted from the pit while minimizing impact to the surrounding ground.

Willamette 2020 Fires Roadside Danger Tree Reduction

To improve safety along roads in fire burned areas of the Forest and reopen these roads as quickly as possible for public and administrative use, project would fell dead and injured trees which pose a danger to roads and those traveling along them.

Youngs Rock Rigdon EIS

Forest management treatments are proposed on approximately 6,800 acres within the project area. Treatment proposed include thinning, early seral creation, fuel reduction, habitat restoration, system road management, recreation management.

Analysis Completed

Cascadia Day Use Area Mailbox Installation

The project proposes to install US Postal Service mailboxes at the Cascadia Day Use area to give nearby residents access to mail service. The mailboxes would sit on a cement pad adjacent to the existing parking area and be maintained by the USPS.

Flat Country

Treatments include commercial thinning, shelterwood with reserves, fuels reduction treatments, meadow enhancement, and early seral creation through gaps. This will require temporary roads, road maintenance and road decommissioning.

Flat Country Floral Greens Project

This project would remove floral greens: beargrass, salal, fern fronds, and vine maple/ceanothus sticks. This would occur on approximately 28,523 acres of the McKenzie River Ranger District. The sell of these products will be done under permits.

Huckleberry Campground/Trail Expansion and Forest Plan Amendment #59

This project would construct a campground complex and new single-track motorcycle trail at Huckleberry Flats Off-Highway Vehicle Area, and would also amend the Forest Plan to change 10 acres from General Forest to Developed Recreation.

Hwy 46

Formerly Hwy 46 North. Treatments will occur in the Breitenbush Watershed, including commercial thinning, early seral creation, riparian reserve treatment, viewshed enhancements, meadow restoration, hazardous fuels treatments, PCT and pruning.

MRRD Habitat Protection Gates

We are proposing to install two gates (one on Forest Service road 2633-706 and the other on Forest Service road 2654-782) and establish a motorized closure on a combined total of 1.25 miles of road behind these gates to protect habitat.

Soda Fork Large Wood Enhancement

Improve spawning and rearing habitat in Soda Fork Creek for Upper Willamette Winter Steelhead and Spring Chinook that are listed as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act and improve stream complexity in Soda Fork Creek.

On Hold


This project would commercially harvest about 1647 acres of managed and natural stands to enhance the growth and structural complexity of the stands. Project also includes road density management, meadow restoration, sugar pine habitat restoration.

Sportsman's Thin

Project is proposing commercial thinning of timber over 80 years old to increase health and vigor of stands.

Tumble Fall and Leave

Diversify even aged stands along both Tumble and Parkett Creeks and restore large wood to the creeks (without removing dominant trees) by directionally felling to place woody material into the riparian area.

Whitebark Pine Planting

Whitebark pine is listed as threatened due to white pine blister rust, mountain pine beetle, fire suppression, and climate change. This project would plant approximately 500 Whitebark pine seedlings on 30 acres in the Fuji Mountain area.


2018 Firewood Collection Program

This proposal would permit firewood collection of dead and down material from within the road prism (top of cut, bottom of fill) year round and from within 150 feet of motorized travel roadways from August 1 to December 31.

2018-2022 Detroit Lake Fish Structures

This project restores hiding cover at depths where salmonids have been found by ODF&W and USGS fish surveys to frequent.

410 Root Rot Pocket Removal Project

The proposed project would remove all Douglas fir trees within a six acre area that has been identified to have extensive root disease. This project would remove alive and dead trees to create a buffer from the adjacent healthy forest.

American Tower Cell Towers

This project will install 6 commercial cell tower sites along Highway 58 from Willamette Pass to near the western edge of the Willamette National Forest.

Bear Mountain Restoration

These meadows were identified as needing restoration to prevent the loss of high elevation meadows. The meadows total 200 acres and are being encroached upon by conifers. Conifer 11%u201D dbh or less would be cut, piled and burned.

Big Game Forage Enhancement (Canyon and Owl Creek Watersheds)

Enhance 40 acres of big game habitat including: browse cutback, planting and seeding native forage species, and collecting native seed for use in following years.

Big Lake West Campground Improvement Project

improve public safety by widening the turning radius of the campground access road at the turn around loop and to provide parking slots that are located off of the existing drivable portion of the access road.

Camp Pioneer Parking Lot Outhouse

Camp Pioneer is requesting authorization to install an vault for an outhouse next to the parking lot.

Cingular-Mt. Hagan Tower Upgrades & Generator/Propane Tank Installation

Complete updates needed to upgrade to LTE capacity of existing Cingular/AT&T tower at Mt. Hagen, including the removal of 2 existing antennas, placement of 4 new antennas, and installation of a generator and propane tank.

City of Detroit Water System Update

Fence to be installed around water building on Breitenbush Rd. Install emergency drainline from water storage tank. Reissue special use permit.

FS Rd 2233-635/Outerson Mtn Traffic Control

Installation of a road closure device, such as a gate, at the 2233-635 road. Installation of educational signage at two locations in the vicinity.

Home of Community Nature Special Use Permit

The SUP for this area has expired. There is a need to renew the SUP.

Hwy 126 Crossing Snowmobile Trail Widening

To widen the 301 snowmobile trail. The Mount Jefferson Snowmobile Club is interested in crossing the highway and grooming established snowmobile trails north of Highway 126.

Jeff Bridge Fish Drop Closure

A no-camping restriction is needed at the Jeff Bridge Fish Drop site on Road 4685. The site is currently being developed for dropping federally-listed, spring chinook spawners in the North Fork Breitenbush River.

Lookout Mountain Meadow Restoration

The purpose of this project is to restore native meadow habitat by cutting and girdling small diameter trees, and subsequently implementing a prescribed fire across an approximately 347-acre project area.

Mackey Creek

This project would commercially thin 38 acres between Hwy 22 and Detroit Lake to improve stand health and improve motorist safety along Hwy 22.

McCoy Motorized Rec. Area Improvements 2014-2015

This project will include the installation of a covered picnic shelter at the lower staging area, and the expansion of the upper staging area.

Menagerie Seasonal Closure Boundary Change for Species Protection

Proposed change to existing seasonal closure boundary to provide species protection during the critical nesting and fledging period.

Mona Campground Host Site Power Hookup

The proposed action is to estabish a power line connection from the existing Pumphouse which has electrical power to campsite #23. The proposed power line will follow an existing water line.

Mt. Ray Reroutes

There is a segment of Mount Ray Trail that is too steep and is heavily rutted due to its fall-line alignment. We propose to solve that alignment problem by rerouting the trail on gentle grades to prevent further impacts to the trail, soils

Oakridge Water Treatment Special Use Permit Renewal

The Oakridge Water Treatment Plant is requesting a renewal of their existing Special Use Authorization MIF 38 for liquid waste treatment that will expire 12/2021. This action is administrative in nature and would reauthorize the SUP.

Olallie Mountain Reroute

A project to reroute approximately a mile of the Olallie Mountain Trail (Tr. No. 4100). The Olallie Mountain Trail is a Class 3 Pack and Saddle trail.

Power Plant Bypass Road Realignment

Realignment of the existing bypass Forest Service Road 2672690 around the Eugene Water and Electric Board's Carmen power house in order to provide safe and adequate access for construction of the fish passage facilities at trailbridge reservoir.

Prescribed Fire in Wilderness: Scott Mountain

The project would use prescribed fire in the Mt. Washington Wilderness area to modify vegetation and fuels to sufficiently reduce the threats to values outside of wilderness in order to allow fire to play a more natural role within wilderness.

Quartzville-Middle Santiam Fish Passage Project

The project proposes the removal and replacement of 5 undersized culverts that are currently barriers to upstream fish migration with structures that allow upstream and downstream passage for all aquatic organisms.

Salt Creek Falls Recreation Maintenance Project

The trails and railings are deteriorating and failing. Replacement and maintenance is needed. There is also a small bridge replacement needed over Diamond Creek a the upper end of the Diamond Creek Falls Trail loop.

Sand Mountain Trail Repair and Reroute

The proposed project would repair and reroute portions of the Sand Mountain Lookout trail to prevent erosion and further trail damage.

Smith Prairie Meadow Maintenance

Enhance and maintain meadow complex by reducing encroachment of conifers (remove saplings under 4 inches), seed collection, girdling 1-2 trees/acre under 12 inches DBH and falling 1 tree/acre for down wood.

Standing Dead Yew Wood Sale

Removal of approximately 10 dead Pacific yew trees ranging in size from 3 inch diameter at breast height (dbh) to 12 inch dbh.

Waldo Road Brushing Project

Cut vegetation and conifers along road 5897 from the top of the cut bank to the bottom of the fill. Road brushing will be started with areas that are most prone to wildfire activity and continue to areas that are less prone to wildfire activity.

Wolf Boughs Project

The Wolf Boughs project would remove approximately one hundred thirty-one tons (62,000 pounds) of coniferous boughs over 123 acres, under contracts or permits.

Project Archive

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