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Tahoe National Forest Map The Tahoe National Forest is located in the northern Sierra Nevada (east of Sacramento) and extends from the foothills across the Sierra crest to the California state line. It includes over 850,000 acres of public land interspersed with 350,000 acres of private land in a checker board ownership pattern.

The Tahoe National Forest does not include Lake Tahoe (visit the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit website for more information).

Rivers, snow capped peaks and dense forests offer outstanding recreation year round. A complex set of ecosystems are found as the terrain ascends from 1,500 feet along the western boundary to over 9,000 feet along the crest. The forest provides a variety of resources and opportunities and is managed by the Forest Service. For more information on accessible recreation facilities on the Tahoe National Forest follow this link. More.....

Motorized Vehicle Use Maps

The Motor Vehicle Use Map displays National Forest System routes (roads and trails) or areas designated open to motorized travel.


Pollinator Week June 18-24, 2018


Pollinators move pollen from flower to flower, helping bring about fertilization from pollen grains. The USDA Forest Service is heavily involved in supporting pollinators in the way we manage lands to act as habitat for these invaluable creatures and in promoting their health and resilience.

Be Bear Aware!

Black Bear

Everyone knows the symbol of wildfire prevention is Smokey Bear and inquisitive visitors to the Tahoe National Forest often ask about bears. Sometimes, they see bears! This time of year, bears are coming out of hibernation and Tahoe National Forest is in black bear country.

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National Go Fishing Day

Dan Teater

Monday, June 18 was National Go Fishing Day! A day to take time from away from your busy schedule to bait a hook, cast your line and go fishing!

50 Yr Anniversary of Wild & Scenic River Act - George Garnett, USFS

American River

There’s nothing like being near water, especially if that water is flowing through a Wild and Scenic River.


Sardine Fire Lookout Available for No-Fee Rental

Sardine Lookout

The Forest Service provides opportunities to rent historic structures, such as fire lookouts, under a Federal Lands Recreation Enha...

TRAIL ETIQUETTE - by Joe Flannery, US Forest Service

Joe Flannery

TRAIL ETIQUETTE - The need to share is especially true on trails popular with both equestrians and mountain bikers.

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A map of our nations national forests and grasslands.

Interactive Visitor Map: Tahoe National Forest

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