The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (MBSNF) BAER team recently re-assessed National Forest System (NFS) lands impacted by the Bolt Creek, Boulder Lake, and Suiattle River Fires. A previous BAER team had completed an assessment on most of these fires, however, due to the unseasonably late fire season another assessment was determined to be needed to reassess changes in wildfire impacts from the previous assessment. This assessment also includes the Loch Katrine fire which was not previously assessed.

Information about the fires can be found online at: Bolt Creek Fire, Suiattle River, Boulder Lake and Loch Katrine Fires

After a large wildfire, special actions may be necessary to provide for public and community safety and protect critical natural and cultural resources from post-fire events like soil erosion and flooding. BAER teams focuses on emergency actions necessary to protect human life and safety, property, and natural and cultural resources, including affected watersheds. BAER assessments identify unacceptable risks on federal lands from post-fire threats and help land managers prepare burned areas for potential threats from rainstorms.

The Forest Service BAER team on the MBSNF consisted of hydrologists, soil scientists, botanists, biologists, archaeologists, engineers, and geographic information system (GIS) specialists. The BAER program uses ground and aerial surveys, satellite imagery and computer models to evaluate conditions and recommend emergency treatments to protect values at risk from further damage.

The BAER team coordinated and shared information from their assessment with other federal agencies, as well as state agencies and local counties and municipalities who work with adjacent and downstream private homeowners, landowners, and businesses to prepare for potential post-fire flooding and debris flow impacts.

Bolt Creek BAER Report (1)

Bolt Creek BAER Report (2)

Suiattle BAER Report

Loch Katrine BAER Report



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