Volunteers are an important part of caring for the land and serving the people on our National Forest. Volunteering isn't just beneficial for the forest. There are two ways to volunteer with the Custer Gallatin National Forest.

Six Wild Montana Volunteers wearing hard hats carrying a log in the forest. Five more volunteers behind them.
Wild Montana Volunteers carry a log into place in support of a turnpike construction project. On the Deer Creek Trail, Spanish Peaks unit of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness. View full-sized photo on Flickr



Volunteer with the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness Foundation

Visit their website to learn more about the foundation or their summer projects. This great group works on a wide range of projects and covers the full A-B. 

Volunteer directly with the Forest Service

Two volunteers wearing hard hats crosscutting a log.

Wild Montana Volunteers carry a log into place in support of a turnpike construction project.  On the Deer Creek Trail, Spanish Peaks unit of the Lee Metcalf Wilderness. Courtesy photo by Wild Montana.
View full-sized photo on Flickr

The types of work you can do with the Forest Service are varied.  Once you apply, we will match your skills and interests the best we are able. Volunteers can work on a part-time or recurring basis.  The commitment you make is up to you. Training may be provided depending on the job.

First complete the application and return it.  Specificity is helpful in discussing your life experiences and education.

Download: Rich Text | PDF

Email - SM.FS.MailRmR1CGF@usda.gov or

Human Resources Office
P.O. Box 130
Bozeman, MT 59771

Volunteer Opportunities

Friends of Hyalite offers a number of events in the Hyalite area, from cleaning up high trafficked areas prior to the gate opening in the Spring, to trail work, to pulling old fence, and more. 

Wild Montana has a chapter in Bozeman which offers a few days of trail work per summer, as well as multiple “Trail Stewardship” days which involve light trail maintenance, educating users on Leave-No-Trace, and generally encouraging ethical recreation among users of our public lands. This chapter also assists with projects on the Yellowstone District.

The Southwest Montana Mountain Biking Association also offers several trail work opportunities throughout the year that don’t necessarily require being a mountain biker. They work throughout the Bozeman District and occasionally have events on Hebgen District as well.

The Gallatin Valley Backcountry Horsemen typically offers two workdays per week during the summer. If you happen to have equestrian skills, they may be able to provide a horse for you to ride, and they do sometimes have work days that don’t require the use of a horse. A number of their volunteers work beyond Bozeman District, including Gardiner. They are also exploring opportunities to help trail clearing efforts on Hebgen District.

The Gallatin River Taskforce usually has one or two events per year to help steward the Gallatin River Corridor.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has a sign up form so you can be notified of their volunteer efforts to improve elk habitat. They have chapters throughout the country and have worked on the Custer Gallatin.

Other Volunteer Opportunities