Recreation Passes & Permits

Soldier Pass Motorized Use Permits

In March 2017, the Forest Service issued a Decision Notice (pdf) allowing motorized access to Soldier Pass Road by permit only. 

This Decision stated that 12 permits would be available to the public, per day.  To apply for a permit, please read this page.

Things to Know Before you Apply

Permits are available to individuals only.  You may obtain no more than one permit per day. Businesses, clubs, and organizations may not apply.

Permits are free and nontransferable. 

Permit holders may hold only one permit at a time and wait until after the permit date before requesting another permit.

Permit holders are responsible for knowing and obeying all forest rules, regulations, and closure orders.

You must have your valid permit with you at the time of your visit.

Motorized use permits are nowhandled by