Tahoe Road Status

Road Status
Name Status Road Information

Bowman Rd. (18) – Forest Order Closure


13 miles off Highway 20

Forest Service Road 18 is passable to Loney Meadows, (approximately 13 miles). The Bowman FS Road 18 is closed by barricades 100’ below the Bowman Lake Dam area. Not open to Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) use.

The Canyon Creek bridge / Jackson Creek Campground area is impassable to passenger cars, due to erosion (4WD or high clearance vehicles will make it). The Tahoe National Forest anticipates that road will be fixed by late September. Ask Ryan Mack (530) 478- 6187   Seasonal Closure - December 31st – Opens May 1st

Indian Springs Rd. (OHV)


Refer to Paul Hart Camptonville (530) 288-3231 or Joe Chavez (530) 478-6158

Emigrant Gap Rd. FS (19)


Accessible - Ask American River Ranger District (530) 367-2224 Expect rough road conditions beyond pavement.

Forest Service Rd. 85 Rd. Gate at Rattlesnake Rd.


Ask Ryan Mack (530) 478-6187 - Timber Harvesting in area so be cautious and courteous of logging trucks. Rough road condtions.

{20} Last Chance Road (20-16)


Seasonal Closure - December 31st – Opens May 1st

Omega (29)


Watch for potholes – bad drainage conditions beyond Forest Service maintenance

Lowell Hill (329) (County)


Contact Nevada County Road Department at (530) 265-1411

Washington Road County Road


Bridge installed (637)

  • Gaston Rd Forest Service Road 21 OPEN, trees, rough, take it slow! OPEN to Golden Quartz, other side to bridge is rough so take it slow!
  • Alternate route to Bowman Lake. Can travel Gaston Road to Graniteville Road to Bowman (Co Rd. 637 to FS Rd. 21 to Co. Rd. 843)

Chalk Bluff Rd (Off Hwy 20E) (FS 32)


Looks good

Graniteville Rd


Road Graded (Gaston to Graniteville) Rough gravel road - Ask the Nevada County Road Department (530) 265-1411

Relief Hill Rd


Looks good – narrow spot where windfall blocked road

Hwy 49

  Cal Trans repairs Road Info 800-427-7623

Pendola (Camptonville)


Yuba River Ranger District at Camptonville (530) 288-3231

Cal Ida (25)


No seasonal closure to Jct. 25-18, several slides/slip outs. Rd closed past Co. Rd. 490. Alt. Co. Road 509. Detour Route 35 Road to 55 Road, back to 25 road.

Tyler Foote Road


Always open (not maintained) – very rough segments near Alleghany - Nevada County Road Department (530) 265-1411

Pliocene Road (300)



Road is passible at the visitors own risk, narrow area at three culverts near Good Years Bar- Contact Sierra County Road Department (530) 289-3251

Gold Lakes Hwy


Open to Forest Road 09 Intersection -Yuba River Ranger District at Camptonville (530) 288-3231



Ask Yuba River Ranger District at Camptonville (530) 288-3231

Henness Pass Rd (07)


Open to Jackson Meadow Reservoir. (Webber Lake to Jackson Meadows. Bear Valley open, but rough road conditons. Road construction  Check with Sierra County Road Department (530) 289-3251

Mosquito Ridge (96)


FS Order – Ask Ryan Mack (530) 478-6187 Timber Harvesting in area - watch for logging trucks.

Jackson Meadows (07)


Unknown - Ask Sierraville Ranger District  (530) 994-3401

(20) Last Chance Trail/Excelsior


Gate open - Ask Ryan Mack (530) 478-6187



Contact Paul Hart’s Hotline (530) 478-6253 Ext. 243 or Joe Chavez Ext. 6158

Lower Omega


Upper open - Ask Ryan Mack (530) 478-6187

Burlington; Deer Creek, Stanton, Tool Mill


Refer to YRRD Trail Hotline (530) 478-6253 Ext.243

Bocca Reservoir Detour


Accessible through Hirschdale Road, Stampede - Ask Truckee Ranger District (530) 587-3558