Welcome to the Dakota Prairie Grasslands!

Welcome to the Dakota Prairie Grasslands,where pristine vistas inspire the imagination; where the rugged unspoiled beauty of the land invites exploration; and where the sights and sounds of the wide, rolling prairie stimulate the senses.

Stretching over 1,259,000 acres, the Dakota Prairie Grasslands offer visitors the opportunity to view elk, antelope, whitetail and mule deer, bighorn sheep , coyote, sharptail grouse, greater prairie chicken, pheasant, wild turkey, eagles, falcons, and the busy prairie dog. Some recreational opportunities available are hiking, camping, horseback riding, photography, canoeing, fishing, hunting, and backpacking.

Oil Rig on top of mountain behind fall colored shrubs Maah Daah Hey Trail marker Wild Turkey Scenic view from Burning Coal Vein Campground Scenic view from Burning Coal Vein Campground Scenic view from Burning Coal Vein Campground Ponderosa Pine


Map of the Dakota Prairie Grasslands

Map of the Dakota Prairie Grasslands

The Dakota Prairie Grasslands are not solid blocks of National Forest System lands; rather, they are intermingled with other federal, state, and privately owned lands. This mixed ownership pattern contributes to the uniqueness of the DPG. Each of the National Grasslands has a flavor all its own. From the savannas of the Grand and Cedar River National Grasslans to the rugged badlands of the Little Missouri National Grasslands and the rolling plains of the Sheyenne National Grasslands, visitors  can enjoy the abundant wildlife and a wide range of recreational opportunities. Resource use on the grasslands include paleontological and archeological digs, oil and gas production, cattle grazing, and recreation.

Dakota Prairie Grasslands Land Resource Management Plan

New and Updated Grassland Projects

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  1. McKenzie RD Pastures 2, 10, 11 Allotment Management Plan   Revisions
  2. Elkhorn Gravel Pit
  3. Greater Sage Grouse Plan Amendment

Tips to Plan Your Visit

Preparedness is the key to having a good and safe time at any of our national forests or grasslands. 


Sheyenne River Water Trail Development

Awarded 2019 Regional Forester Honor Award “Delivering Benefits to the Public”

Demonstration Project Signed August 30, 2016

Revised Demonstration Project (Appendix A of the Livestock Grazing Record of Decision for the Dakota Prairie Grasslands final Environmental Impact Statement and Resource Management Plan.

Direct questions to Leslie Ferguson, Grasslands Environmental Coordinator, at 701-989-7300. 


Dakota Prairie Grassland Photos

Medora Landscape

A gallery of scenic photos from the Dakota Prairie Grasslands.


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