Hunting Season is HERE!Cover of Louisiana Hunting Regulations

Some of the best hunting in the state of Louisiana can be found on the Kisatchie National Forest! For information on hunting dates, please refer to this handy one-pager and for more specific information on regulations, review the Louisiana 2021-2022 Hunting & WMA Regulations. To hunt in the Catahoula & Red Dirt National Wildlife Management Preserves, you will need a season permit. It is the responsibility of the user to obtain the current Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM), which shows the National Forest System roads, trails, camping designations (NOTE: camping regulations do vary between Preserves) and areas that are designated for motor vehicle use pursuant to 36 CFR 212.51. The MVUM also identifies the vehicle classes allowed on each route/area and any seasonal restrictions that apply.

2021 Motor Vehicle Use Maps:

Kisatchie Recreation Areas Update as of October 15:

  • Stuart Lake Recreation Complex is OPEN! The newly refurbished campground, parking lot, and beach area are open. The Nature Trail is also open.
  • The Lakeshore Trail near Kincaid Lake is now open!
  • Saddle Bayou and all other hunter camps in Grant Parish are now open.
  • The Old LSU Walking Trail at the Supervisor’s Office is open.
  • The Forest is open to hunting. Please use extreme caution and watch for hazardous trees and conditions which are more prevalent after last year's storms.
  • NOTE: Our campsites are available on a first-come/first-served basis with no reservations required, except one: Beaver Dam Campground on the Caney Ranger District may be reserved by visiting
  • Dispersed camping (camping outside a designated campground area) is available throughout the Forest for those who enjoy primitive camping. Be sure to follow the rules for dispersed camping and practice Leave No Trace principles
  • Kincaid Lake and Caney Lakes Day-Use Areas are closed seasonally after Labor Day. Kincaid Lake Day-Use area will reopen next May around Mother's Day weekend and Caney Lakes Day-Use area will reopen Memorial Day weekend.
  • OHV Trail Status:the Claiborne Multiple-Use Trail and Loran Campground are OPEN. The Sandstone Multiple-Use Trail is OPEN. Livingston Multiple-Use Trail Complex (which includes Hickman and Little Creek Trails) and the Enduro Multiple-Use Trail are CLOSED due to Hurricane Laura damage. 
Calcasieu Ranger District / Evangeline Unit, Rapides Parish (318-793-9427)/ Appointments Call (318-308-4095)


  • Lakeshore Trail
  • Camp Claiborne OHV Trails 
  • Loran Campground 
  • Valentine Lake Recreation Area and Campground
  • Evangeline Camp
  • Boy Scout Camp
  • Ahtus Melder Camp
  • Wild Azalea Trail
  • All Kincaid Boat Launches


  • Kincaid Lake Day-Use and Beach Area
  • Kincaid Lake Group-Use Area
  • Kincaid Lake Trail
  • Kincaid Campgrounds A & B
  • Kincaid Primitive Camp
  • Valentine Lake Trail
Calcasieu Ranger District / Vernon Unit, Vernon Parish (318-793-9427)/ Appointments Call (318-308-4095)


  • Fullerton Group-Use Area (Pavilion, children's playground, restrooms) 
  • Fullerton Lake (including boat launch) 
  • Little Cypress Day-use Area and Pavilion 
  • Little Cypress Pond and Ol’ Sarge Interpretive Trail
  • Government Pond Camping and Fishing
  • Hunter Camp
  • Wolf Rock Cave
  • Blue Hole Recreation Complex


  • Enduro OHV Trail and Campground
  • Fullerton Campground
  • Fullerton Lake Interpretive Trail
  • Big Branch Trail and Longleaf Area
  • Wild Turkey Trail
Caney Ranger District, Claiborne and Webster Parishes (318-927-2061)


  • Caney Lakes Campground (Beaver Dam Campground) – visit for reservations 
  • Caney Lakes and Corney Lake Boat Launches (Bridge is repaired, FS Road 902 is no longer closed.)
  • Sugar Cane National Recreation Trail - all sections are open
  • Corney Bayou Boat Ramp
  • Corney Lake Day-Use and Group-Use Areas
  • Corney Lake Hunter Camp
  • Sugar Creek Hunter Camp
  • Bucktail Hunter Camp
  • Turkey Trot Hunter Camp


  • Caney Lakes Day-Use Area and Group Pavilion - closed seasonally between Labor Day and Memorial Day
Catahoula Ranger District, Grant Parish (318-765-3554)


  • Stuart Lake Campground
  • Stuart Lake, Beach & Pavilion 
  • Glen Emery Hiking Trail
  • Iatt Lake
  • Saddle Bayou Hunter Camp
  • Bankston Hunter Camp
  • Highway 472 Hunter Camp
  • Pearson Hunter Camp 


  • Livingston OHV Trails – Hickman Trail and Little Creek - closure includes trailheads; no camping is allowed in these areas.
Kisatchie Ranger District, Natchitoches Parish (318-472-1840)


  • Sandstone OHV Trail
  • Kisatchie Bayou Recreation Area and Campground - will be closing soon for construction/stabilization of banks
  • Lotus Camp
  • Cane Camp 
  • Oak Camp 
  • Corral Camp
  • Coyote Camp 
  • Red Bluff Camp
  • Custis Camp
  • Dogwood Camp
  • 395 Parking Area
  • Anderson Pond Day Use Area (Day Use only, No Camping)
  • Longleaf Vista Trail, Pavilion, and Picnic Area
  • Caroline Dormon Recreation Trail
  • Kisatchie Hills Wilderness and Associated Trails (hike at your own risk)
    • Backbone Trail
    • Turpentine Hill
    • High-Ridge
Winn Ranger District, Winn Parish (318-628-4664)


  • Gum Springs Campground and Gum Springs Lake (the historic, CCC-built pavilion and old swimming area remains closed due to severe hurricane damage. Please observe the closure area as indicated by blockades and flagging.)
  • Gum Springs Horse Campground
  • Gum Springs Horse Trail (use caution when riding)
  • Cloud Crossing Campground
  • Saline Bayou (all boat launches are open)
    • Cloud Crossing Launch Area
    • Pearfield Launch Area
    • Goldonna Launch Area
    • Sand Point Launch Area


  • Saline Bayou Recreation Trail

Kisatchie National Forest Offers Virtual Services in Response to COVID-19

Due to heightened safety measures being enacted across the Southern Region because of COVID-19, our offices are in a combination of virtual status and some in-person activities. Customers needing information, permits and maps are encouraged to call the appropriate office numbers listed in the left column of this page during regular business hours to make arrangements. Customers may also mail appropriate fees for forest maps and Kisatchie Passes to the Supervisor's Office, 2500 Shreveport Hwy, Pineville, LA, 71360. The Supervisor's Office will have someone available to provide in-person services on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00 a.m. to Noon, but please call ahead (318-473-7160) to insure someone is present at the office. Items available for purchase by check or money order (make payable to USDA Forest Service): Kisatchie Visitor Map ($14 - may also purchase this map online at Map Finder), Kisatchie Day-Use Pass ($30 each) or Kisatchie Trail-Use Pass ($50 each).  To purchase America the Beautiful Passes by mail, please visit the USGS Store to order park passes. Available passes include: Annual Senior, Lifetime Senior, Annual, Annual Military, and Every Kid in a Park. 

Welcome to the Kisatchie!

With over 604,000 acres to explore, you can find an activity to enjoy on the Kisatchie National Forest.  Whether you like to fish, hunt, kayak, mountain bike, run, hike, canoe, horseback, motor bike, camp… Kisatchie National Forest has a destination for you.  Visit your National Forest today!


2021-2022 Hunting Dates for Kisatchie National Forest

2021-2022 Hunting Dates for Kisatchie National Forest

2021-2022 Catahoula & Red Dirt Preserve Permit

2021-2022 Catahoula and Red Dirt National Wildlife Management Preserve Permit


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