2019 Regional Forester Honor Awards


The Kisatchie National Forest is pleased to host this year's Annual Regional Forester Honor Awards in Atlanta, GA, on Thursday, December 12, beginning at Noon.  Watch the livestream on our Facebook page (link to the FB page is on the right hand side of this page.)  This year's theme, "Shared Stewardship, Shared Excellence - Our Commitment to the Land and People," is demonstrated in the outstanding programs, organizations, and individuals who are this year's recipients. Congratulations to all of ou



Welcome to the Kisatchie!

With over 604,000 acres to explore, you can find an activity to enjoy on the Kisatchie National Forest.  Whether you like to fish, hunt, kayak, mountain bike, run, hike, canoe, horseback, motor bike, camp… Kisatchie National Forest has a destination for you.  Visit your National Forest today!


2019-2020 LDWF Hunting Regulations

Image of the cover of the 2019-2020 LA Dept of Wildlife

The 2019-2020 Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Hunting Regulations guide is in print and ready to be picked up at our offices, or found

2019-2020 Hunting Dates for Kisatchie National Forest

2019-2020 Hunting Dates for Kisatchie National Forest


2019-2020 Catahoula & Red Dirt Preserve Permit

2019-2020 Catahoula and Red Dirt National Wildlife Management Preserve Permit

2019-2020 Motor Vehicle Use Maps Available

2019-20 Motor Vehicle-Use Maps available online.

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2019 Regional Forester Honor Awards

Regional Forester Awards

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