Forest Products Permits

Use of forest products from the Coconino Forest include the annual harvesting of Christmas trees and rocks for landscaping and construction, personal-use fire wood gathering and wilding permits which allow the taking of live plants and trees from the forest for personal use.



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Rock Collecting Permit

Permits for rock and sand collecting are available for personal use only.

Flagstaff Ranger District: Malapais

Permits for collecting rocks in the Flagstaff Ranger District can be obtained at the Coconino NF Supervisor's Office at 1824 S. Thompson St., Flagstaff, Arizona during regular business hours.


Pickup with a load of rocksMalapai rock permits are available for $25.00 for up to five tons and are good for 90 days. We have designated areas for collection off I-17 and off Hwy 180.

Maps of the malapais collection areas:

  • Ritter west side of I-17 in the Newman Park area [PDF]
  • Slate northwest of Flagstaff on the east side of US 180 [PDF]


Red Rock Ranger District: Red Rock and River Rock

Landscape red rock at $15 for 3 tons. Landscape river rock or sand is $15 for 7.5 tons.

For more information on these personal use permits, call the Red Rock District Office at 928-203-7500.

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Firewood Cutting Season: mid-April to mid-December

Contact one of the ranger stations for exact dates

Load of firewoodOne of the most popular recreation activities on the Coconino National Forest isn't usually thought of as a recreation. Every year people come to the Forest from as far away as the Phoenix metropolitan area to harvest their year's supply of firewood. The Coconino provides firewood for personal use both on a free-use permit and a paid permit basis. In either case, a permit must be acquired by anyone harvesting any firewood on the National Forest, except for the rather small amounts used in a campfire and gathered at the campfire site.

For more information and details see Fuelwood Permits & Cutting Season.

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Wilding Permits

Contact one of the ranger stations for exact dates

Pine SeedlingWilding permits, which authorize collecting live plants and trees from National Forest lands for personal use are available Coconino National Forest Supervisor's Office, the Flagstaff Ranger District, and the Mogollon Rim Ranger District. The Forest typically has two wilding seasons – one in the spring and another in the fall, for about a month each while plants are dormant.

Permits will be available only for coniferous trees (Douglas Fir, White Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Pinyon Pine, and Juniper). Due to the severe decline of Aspen populations across the forest and lack of natural regeneration, Aspen seedlings will not be offered in the permits.

Trees up to 12 feet tall may be dug up; however for the best chance of successful transplanting, foresters recommend that seedlings selected be much smaller in size: less than 4 feet. The fee is $1.00 per foot, with a minimum fee of $20.00 per permit. Maps of designated gathering locations, along with transplanting recommendations, are provided.

For information on our next available permit season, call the Supervisor's Office at (928) 527-3600, the Flagstaff Ranger District at (928) 526-0866, or the Mogollon Rim Ranger District at (928) 477-2255.

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