Welcome to the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest!
Are you interested in the outdoors?
Would you like to help in the management of this great forest? 

Wilderness Ranger talking to hikers

Become a Forest Service volunteer.

There's a wide range of interesting and educational opportunities available for you to enjoy. Volunteers do everything from constructing and maintaining trails to serving as campground hosts, wilderness rangers, research assistants, clerks, writers, and photographers.

Although you will not receive pay for your work as a volunteer, there are other benefits. Many people are happy to be able to 'give back' something to the lands they've enjoyed using over the years. Others look upon the work as a chance to get career-related work experience or take a break from their regular routines. The hours are flexible, too. In some cases, volunteers can be compensated for some out-of-pocket expenses such as travel, food, and lodging.

There is no minimum age for volunteering, so whole families can participate. However, a volunteer under 18 needs written consent from a parent or guardian. Volunteers are not considered federal employees, but they do receive legal protection as well as insurance for work-related injuries.

Come join us! Being a Forest Service volunteer just might be one of the most memorable experiences you'll ever have.

Contact your local district office for to connect with opportunities.