Advisory Committees

Secure Rural Schools Resource Advisory Committees

The Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000 established Resource Advisory Committees (RACs) to provide advice and recommendations to the Forest Service on the development and implementation of special projects funded under the Act that provide a benefit to federal lands. RACs consist of 9-15 people representing varied interests and areas of expertise, who work collaboratively to improve working relationships among community members and national forest personnel.

Congress passed 2018 spending bill P.L. 115-141 that included reauthorization of the Secure Rural Schools program. SRS payments to states will resume, including payments to states for FY17. The Forest Service has released FY18 payments to states.

Tahoe National Forest RAC pages, where you can see scheduled meeting dates and agendas, meeting notes, current membership, project proposals, and other statistics, can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Nevada and Placer Counties

Sierra County

Becoming a Member of a RAC

The Tahoe National Forest is always looking for interested community members to serve on the Nevada and Placer Counties RAC and Sierra County RAC. Resource Advisory Committees are made up of local residents representing a diverse cross-section of interests that affect and are affected by National Forest management in their community. This is a unique opportunity to provide advice and recommendation on management activities on National Forest System lands in Nevada, Placer and Sierra counties.

Prospective members should be representative of at least one element of one of the following three categories:

  • Organized labor developed outdoor recreation, off highway vehicle users, energy and mineral development interests, commercial timber industry, or hold federal grazing or other land use permits with the Forest and Siskiyou County.
  • Nationally recognized environmental organizations, regionally or locally recognized environmental organizations, dispersed recreational activities, archaeological and historical interests, or nationally or regionally recognized wild horse and burro interest groups.
  • State elected office or a designee, County or local elected official, American Indian Tribes, school officials or teachers, or represent the affected public at large.

All applications must contain original signatures and be mailed or delivered to:  Tahoe National Forest Headquarters, 631 Coyote Street, Nevada City, CA, 95959, Attn: Michael Woodbridge.

For further information on how to apply, please contact Joe Flannery, RAC Coordinator; (530) 478-6205.

Operations of RACs

Each meeting shall be convened and conducted in accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) and USDA Departmental Regulations. FACA rules require the Designated Federal Official (DFO) to publish notice of a meeting in the Federal Register at least 15 days in advance. The Secure Rural Schools Act requires announcement of a RAC meeting at least one week in advance in a local newspaper of record. Meetings are open to the public and the DFO is responsible for keeping minutes and other records related to the meetings.

Helpful Documents

Sierra County RAC Request for Proposals Information (PDF)

If you are unable to use the online form for submitting your project proposal, please dowload this Sierra County RAC Project Submission Form (DOC)

Nevada and Placer Counties RAC Request for Proposals Information (PDF)

If you are unable to use the online form for submitting your project proposal, please dowload this Nevada and Placer Counties RAC Project Submission Form (DOC)