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The purpose of the Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions is to provide early and informal notice of projects so that you can become aware of Forest Service activities, indicate your interest in specific projects, and become involved early in the environmental analysis and documentation process. Find out how you can shape Your Forest by reading the...

 Quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions

Chequamegon / Nicolet National Forest Project Spotlights

Lakewood-Laona Programmatic Salvage

In July, 2019, a storm with strong winds hit Langlade and Oconto Counties. The Forest Service is creating 200ft fuel breaks by removing dead and down trees along road corridors and the boundary between private and public land. See Post-Decision tab

All Current and Recent Projects

Note: Not all projects may appear on map. See list below for complete list of projects with more information or documentation.

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Developing Proposal

2020 CenturyLink

CenturyLink would bury fiber optic cable along Oconto County F.

John's Creek Gravel Pit Expansion

This project consists of expansion of an existing gravel pit to meet road construction, re-construction, and maintenance needs in the project vicinity. This is an existing pit that has an additional source of gravel that has not been developed.


This project is primarily a vegetation management project with focus on mid to late successional hardwood forest. Primary purpose is to maintain forest health and diversity. Project will also include a transportation analysis.

Lake Eleven TS Snowmobile Trail Reroute

Permanently move the snowmobile trail to the Lake 11 Timber Sale haul road location to address wet areas that don't always freeze over.

Veikko Cross-Country Trail Improvement and Development

The Veikko Trail, an old cross-country ski trail in the St. Peter's Dome area developed by a local ski group, will be improved and realigned to fix drainage issues. Additional trail will be developed to connect to the St. Peter's Dome Trail network.

Wintergreen Snowshoe Trail Construction

Designation of a snowshoe trail system within the area of the Wintergreen Ski Trail area. Construction consists of clearing forest debris from marked trail.

Under Analysis

2020 New Vision Wilderness Outfitter Guide Permit Re-issuance

New Vision Wilderness has requested a re-issuance of their Special Use Permit to use the Ice Age National Scenic Trail and adjacent dispersed campsites along the trail to operate a therapeutic based outdoor rehabilitation program for youth.

2020 Special Use Permits

Authorize requests for 29 special use permits; no additional construction is needed. Proposal includes: 8 new road permits and the reissuance of 13 road use permits, 1 water line permit, 1 research study permit and 6 recreation permits.

2020 Stream Road Crossing for Lakewood-Laona Ranger District

This project would replace culverts across Forest and Oconto Counties.

2020 Stream Road Crossing Repair and Maintenance for the Nicolet Side.

Replace culverts in Forest and Oconto Counties.

Beaverdam Lake Lodge Complex Decommissioning, Maintenance and Access Repairs

Proposed action/undertaking: decommission dilapidated Beaverdam Lake buildings; designate and/or repair access roads for dam and spillway testing, inspection, maintenance, or repair; and implement ongoing dam maintenance and repairs.

CenturyTel Fiberoptic Installation 2020 Along Forest Road 308

Fiberoptic cable will be installed along Forest Road 308 in three locations in the existing , cleared right-of-way using a vibratory plow and directional bore.

Diamond Roof Road Reconstruction and Maintenance

This project would reconstruct and maintain Diamond Roof Road to provide a safe travelway.

Districtwide Gravel Pit Expansion and Development

To provide mineral material for the next 10-20 years for infrastructure maintenance and other activities, we propose to expand 4 existing gravel pit sites, develop 6 new gravel pit sites and do final reclamation of 1 temporary borrow pit site.

Enbridge Energy Limited Partnership SUP

The proposal is to re-issue a special use authorization for a new term for Enbridge Energy Limited Partnership's existing pipeline system, pumping station, and associated improvements.

Forest Road 1921 SUP Access Permit

Joseph A. Gallo has submitted a proposal for use of the abovementioned road to access private property.

Forestwide Oak Wilt Disease Management

We propose to allow prompt treatment (using a variety of tools) of oak wilt infection centers wherever found as soon as possible following discovery to slow and control the spread of oak wilt on Forest lands.

Fourmile Vegetation Project

Move forest vegetation to desired conditions, provide an efficient road system, continue Forest research projects, maintain public safety related to wildfire, maintain hunter hiking trails, and contribute toward wood products demand.

Highway W Gravel Pit Expansion

This projects gravel pit expansion will provide road material for removing the blowdown form the 2019 Blowdown storm.

North Country Trail Dispersed Campsite Development and Improvements

Eight to 10 backpacker campsites would be developed or improved to provide long-distance hikers a consistent experience when they hike the North Country Trail in Wisconsin.

Pigeon Lake Hydrogeology Study

Proposal is to allow Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey (WGNHS) to drill eight wells, collect and describe the sediment, and install monitoring wells around the Lake to better understand the area hydrogeology.

Recreation Facility Strategy

The Recreation Facility Strategy prioritizes developed recreation site investments. Proposal has varying actions at 82 sites (from increased amenities to decreased maintenance) and removal of amenities at 22 sites to convert them to general forest.

Analysis Completed

2019 Blowdown Project

Salvaging timber from the storm damaged areas in Langlade and Oconto Counties.

2020 Gypsy Moth Slow the Spread

Project is to take action to slow the spread of gypsy moth infestations on the Washburn Ranger District. The proposal involves aerial application of a gypsy moth mating disruptant (known as pheromones) in one treatment block (3065 acres).

Lakewood-Laona Programmatic Salvage

In July, 2019, a storm with strong winds hit Langlade and Oconto Counties. The Forest Service is creating 200ft fuel breaks by removing dead and down trees along road corridors and the boundary between private and public land. See Post-Decision tab

Mukwonago Ski Trail Snowshoe Addition

Use the footprint of an existing network of temporary roads, decommissioned snowmobile trails and FR302 to create two loop trails for snowshoe use. A wooden trail map would be created. Route marker signs would be placed to mark the trail.

NGLVC Renewable Energy Improvement Project

The purpose of this project is to create a more sustainable and economical facility by decreasing the Center's energy use. The project includes updating the building's lighting, siding, ventilation, insulation and the installation of solar panels.

North County Trail Bridge Maintenance and Reroutes Project

Proposal to reroute trail out of wet areas to higher ground close to original trail; and repair/replacement of bridges along the trail on the Great Divide District. The trail reroutes on the Washburn District are in the Rainbow Lakes Wilderness Area.

Recreation and Roads Restoration

A storm on July 21 caused widespread wind damage. Roads, trails and developed recreation sites are in need of maintenance to remove the damaged trees and repair damaged infrastructure.

Town of Bell Road Right-of-Way Maintenance

The Town of Bell has plans to improve Forest Road 439 (North Boundary Road) and has requested that the Forest Service prepare a timber sale to remove the merchantable trees within the 50-foot road right-of-way.

Two Lakes Campground Maintenance

Campground maintenance proposal includes: upgrading 2 hand pump wells to solar; replacement of Lake Owen boat launch; day use parking area creation; replacing 3 older toilet buildings; dump station alarm installation; and capping of an old well.

On Hold

Round Lake Fish Passage and Water Level Control

**On hold until water modelling/engineering plans are complete** The project will consist of reestablishing a two-way fish passage and reconnect the ecosystems of the Pike Lake Chain of Lakes and the South Fork Flambeau Rive

Winter Sports Road Electric Line Burial

This is a proposal by Clark Electric Cooperative to convert about 4 1/4 miles of overhead electric line to underground electric wires within their existing utility corridor in order to provide a safer and more reliable electric service.


Birch Grove Campground Group Site Project

Creation of a new group camping site(s) near Birch Grove Campground on the Washburn Ranger District

Forest Roads 2309 and 2346A Reconditioning

The road are in need of heavy maintenance and pull outs to increase safety.

Native Seed and Plant Establishment

The purpose of this project is to restore and enhance native vegetation sites in the barren vegetation communities on the Washburn Ranger District. This proposed activities include native seed and tree planting and site preparation.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.