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NEPA Projects & Plans

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What is NEPA?

The National Envirnomental Policy Act (NEPA) delineates how federal agencies will incorporate public comment and disclose and mitigate the effects of projects on the land. NEPA analyses are completed on all activities that could have a physical or biological effect on National Forest lands. There are varying levels of analysis depending on the complexity or type of proposal.

The objectives of NEPA analyses are to:

  • fully consider the impacts of Forest Service proposed actions on the physical, biological, and economic aspects of the human environment;
  • involve interested and affected agencies, State and local governments, organizations, and individuals in planning and decision making; and
  • conduct and document environmental analyses and subsequent decisions appropriately, efficiently and cost effectively.

NEPA requires Federal agencies to use a systematic interdisciplinary approach in planning and decision making. The interdisciplinary approach ensures that:

  • environmental impacts of proposed actions are identified and considered;
  • alternatives to the proposed action are considered;
  • enhancement of long term productivity is considered; and
  • irreversible and irretrievable commitments of resources which would be involved in the proposed action should it be implemented are identified.

Many of the projects listed on this site have been analyzed under the National Environmental Policy Act process.

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Hiawatha National Forest Project Spotlights

Non-Native Invasive Plants Treatments (Integrated Weed Management)

The purpose of the proposed project is to protect and restore native ecosystems on the forest through an Integrated Weed Management approach.

All Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

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Under Analysis

Bay de Noc Grand Island Trail Rehab.

Construct 20 trail re-routes where the trail is incurring erosion due to suboptimal trail location. Additionally, trail crossings will be improved at Haymeadow Creek.

Eckerman Project

Manage natural resources to restore ecological conditions, and meet Forest Plan vegetation composition goals.

Manistique Conveyance

The Manistique office and warehouse/residence complex will be conveyed/sold out of the National Forest System

Non-Native Invasive Plants Treatments (Integrated Weed Management)

The purpose of the proposed project is to protect and restore native ecosystems on the forest through an Integrated Weed Management approach.

Stone Moss Vegetation Management Project

The Forest Service is proposing to treat vegetation on approximately 16,000 acres to benefit forest health, to treat hazardous fuels, and to enhance wildlife habitat.

Superior Township Cemetery Reissue

This project is for the reissuance of a permit and extension of the permit boundary for the Superior Township Cemetery. An unauthorized well added in 1986 and storage behind the chapel a both outside the permit boundary.

Analysis Completed

2019 Special Use Permits Authorizations

Outfitting and guiding proposals for priority use permits; three 5-year permits for outfitter and guiding and one 2-year probationary permit.

Au Train River Public Access, Parking and Rehabilitation

Collaborative project with Au Train Township to address access, parking and erosion issues along Au Train River. Proposed actions would include development of parking and access sites, vegetation management, and rehabilitation of river bank erosion.

Heterobasidion Root Disease Control

The Hiawatha National Forest proposes the evaluation of treatment of pine stumps following cutting to prevent the spread of Heterobasidion root disease in areas within 6 miles of a known infection to reduce spread of disease within pine stands.

North Country Trail Guard Lake Reroute

Permanently reroute a section of the North Country Trail to avoid resource damage.

West Zone Aspen and Red Pine Vegetation Management

The proposed project includes thinning, and regeneration of red pine stands; and maintaining aspen where it currently exists, and increasing the aspen component across the landscape. Temporary openings could exceed 40 acres in size.


Brownie Number 10 Cabin Removal

Removal by owner of a private structure and improvements from NFS lands on Grand Island and restoration of disturbed areas upon termination of recreation residence special use permit.

Strongs Snowmobile Trail Timber Sales Reroute

Long-term (5-6 year) reroute of Strongs snowmobile trail.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.

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