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Schedule of Proposed Actions

schedule of proposed actions goals

The quarterly Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) is our way of keeping the public informed and involved in the planning and environmental analysis of national forest projects. Site-specific projects include activities such as reconstructing developed recreation sites, prescribed burning, and harvesting timber to increase habitat for wildlife.The SOPA gives early notice of upcoming projects that may interest you and gives status updates of projects currently undergoing environmental analysis. If you find a project that you are interested in, please contact the Project Lead or contact person so you can become involved in the environmental analysis and documentation process.

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National Forests In North Carolina Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

Bobby Seltzer Fish Hatchery Redesign

Proposed improvements to the hatchery have the desired goal of replacing the dated and failing infrastructure, while improving operational efficiency and healthy yield of the fish.

Crossover Project

The proposed action includes timber harvest, prescribed burning, and improvement of wildlife, fisheries, and botanical habitat to reestablish age class and structural diversity in NE Cherokee and southern Graham Counties, NC.

Lickstone Project

The Lickstone Project is a forest vegetation, wildlife habitat, and watershed management project.

Lovers Branch Wildfire Resilience Project

A combination of stand improvement, commercial thinning, regeneration, and prescribed burning proposed to reduce the risk and increase the resilience to wildfire.

Meetinghouse Mountain Road Access Project

Grant access across National Forest System lands on the Cheoah Ranger District in Graham County, North Carolina for vehicular access to private lands.

Nantahala National Forest Wildlife Openings Rehabilitation Project

Conduct treatments to rehabilitate select existing wildlife openings on the Nantahala and Tusquitee Ranger Districts in Macon and Cherokee Counties, NC.

NCDOT Project - Davidson River Pedestrian Bridge Construction

The proposal is to construct a pedestrian bridge over the Davidson River linking Brevard to the Pisgah NF. The City will own and maintain the bridge. Potential activities include clearing, grading, bridge construction and relocation of power-lines.

NCDOT Project - Replace Bridge 159 on SR 1326, Joe Brown Highway, over Hanging Dog Creek

The purpose of this project is to replace the one-lane bridge on SR 1326, Joe Brown Hwy, over Hanging Dog Creek, with a 2-lane bridge. It would also straighten the curve on the western bridge approach.

Under Analysis

Appalachian Trail Relocation at Log Cabin

Trail relocation to avoid private property. Approx 1.13 miles of new trail location

Croatan NF Monitoring Program

Update to the Croatan NF Monitoring Program

Davidson River Project

Streambank stabilization along Davisdon River from the Pisgah Fish Hatchery downstream to the confluence with Looking Glass Creek - rehab/improve river entry points

Duke Energy Winding Stair Project

The proposed action is to grant a special use authorization to Duke Energy to make improvements to the power generation and distribution system that crosses National Forest System lands in Macon County, North Carolina.

Graveyard Fields Project 2019

The proposed action includes trail maintenance in Graveyard Fields and Graveyard Ridge area; regeneration of red spruce; stand improvement treatments in recently planted red spruce in Flat Laurel; and stream restoration along Yellowstone Prong.

Nantahala and Pisgah NFs Plan Revision

Revision of the Nantahala and Pisgah NFs Land Management Plan (Forest Plan)

Nantahala National Forest Programmatic EA for Stand Improvement Treatments

Provide programmatic direction for a standard set of treatments that promote the regeneration and survival of woody forest vegetation within the natural range of historic variation for a variety of ecosystem benefits.

NCDOT Project - Hwy 276 Sight Distance Project

The proposed action is to remove vegetation and broaden road shoulders to improve sight distance for driver safety.

NCDOT Project - NC 143 Cherohala Skyway to Robbinsville

NCDOT has proposed making improvements to NC 143 from the Cherohala Skyway to SR1127 at Robbinsville in Graham County. Portions of this project are located on National Forest System lands. Project currently on hold pending additional DOT funding.

NCDOT Project - US Highway 74 (A-9) Robbinsville to Almond

The proposed action is to improve transportation options from Robbinsville to Almond in Graham County to provide the transportation infrastructure necessary for the well-being of local and regional traffic.

Newport Project

The Croatan RD is proposing to improve timber stand and wildlife habitat by conducting mngmt activities on approx. 2,669 acres. The project consists of various timber and wildlife related mngmt activities to move the Forest towards desired conditions

Non-Native Invasive Plant Control on the Uwharrie and Croatan National Forests

The proposed action is to treat non-native invasive plants on the Uwharrie and Croatan National Forests using a combination of mechanical, cultural, and chemical treatments.

Old Fort Trails Project

Adding and modifying trails to create a new system of connecting trails in the area of Old Fort, NC.

Turkey Pen Project

The proposed action is to conduct multi-resource management treatments on the Nantahala Ranger District in Macon County, North Carolina.

Uwharrie Roads Project

The Uwharrie Ranger District is conducting an interdisciplinary analysis on management of five miles of interconnected roads, Forest Roads (FRs) 576 (Moccasin Creek Rd), 553 (Dutch John Rd), and 6584 (Green Gap Rd).

White Grape Bend Project

The proposal is to conduct shortleaf pine ecosystem restoration, including timber harvest, prescribed burning, wildlife habitat, fisheries habitat, and botanical habitat improvement projects in Cherokee Co, NC near White Grape Bend on Hiawassee Lake.

Wildlife Openings Management Project

The proposed action is to maintain existing wildlife fields across North Carolina through the use of mechanical treatments, prescribed fire, and herbicides to control undesirable vegetation.

WLOS Permit Amendment for Tram Replacement

The proposed action includes modification of the WLOS special use permit to allow repair and upgrades to the tram system which is used to access the tower.

Wood Run Mountain Bike Trails and Parking Expansion

The proposed action includes expansion of the trailhead parking, new trail construction in the Wood Run Area and connection of the Wood Run mountain bike area to the Yates Place Camp.

Analysis Completed

2020 Slow the Spread Gypsy Moth Treatments Project

This project proposes to slow the southward facing advanced front of gypsy moth populations in southwest Virginia into North Carolina. Treatments would include a one time early summer application of a pheromone disruptor specific to gypsy moth.

2021 Gypsy Moth Treatment on the Pisgah National Forest

The proposed action is to treat gypsy moth populations using a mating disruption pheremone.

Buck Project

The proposed action is to conduct silvicultural treatments, construct and reconstruct roads, and improve watershed conditions in southeastern Clay County, North Carolina.

Courthouse Vegetation Management

The proposal includes vegetation, recreation, and fuels management activities in Analysis Area 13 on the Pisgah Ranger District.

Hang Glider Equestrian Trail closure

The proposed action is to close and rehabilitate 0.4 mile of equestrian trail due to sensitive resource concerns.

Linville Trailheads Forest Order

The proposed action is to issue a forest order for camping restrictions at specific trailheads on the Grandfather Ranger District, Pisgah National Forest to provide a safe user experience and resource protection.

Murray Branch Hazard Tree Removal

Removal of hazard trees at Murray Branch day-use recreation site

Nantahala River Large Woody Debris Project

The proposed action is to fell several trees into the upper Nantahala River in order to improve habitat for aquatic resources.

Sale of Former Highlands Ranger District Work Center

Sell the lands and buildings that comprise the Work Center for the former Highlands Ranger District, Macon County, North Carolina.

Swan Cabin Project

The proposed action is to construct a new primitive cabin that is code and accessibility compliant near the existing historic Swan Cabin on National Forest System lands in Graham County, NC.

On Hold

Nantahala Ranger District Post-Fire Crop Tree Release Project

The proposed action is to conduct mechanical and chemical treatments to release stump sprouts of hard mast-producing trees that were top-killed during arson fires in fall of 2016.

Tusquitee Ranger District Insect Infestation Treatment Project - Phase 1

The proposed action includes planting and regeneration treatments in stands that are dominated by off-site white pine and which are at risk of insect infestation.

Tusquitee Ranger District Prescribed Fire Reauthorizations

The proposed action is to use prescribed burning on 27 separate units totaling approximately 16,776 acres in Cherokee and Clay Counties.

Wilson Ridge Prescribed Burn

Project proposes an addition to a previously analyzed prescribed burn unit named Wilson Ridge. The addition is proposed to utilize system roads for control lines and create a better burn unit.


Church Sign for Calvary Church

The proposed action is to approve a special use permit to allow the Calvary Church to place a sign in a road right-of-way the Forest Service owns near the intersection of Highway 101 and Temples Point Road in Craven County, North Carolina.

Dennie Easement

The proposed action is to grant access to private land.

Fires Creek Road Roadslide Repair Project

The proposed action is to repair a small road slide on the Fires Creek Road (FSR 340) in Clay County, North Carolina.

Home Trail Reroute and Maintenance

The proposed action is to reroute and extend a portion of the Home Trail, conduct trail maintenance and convert a section of old road to trail.

NC 215, NCDOT Project

NCDOT has proposed making improvements to NC 215 in Transylvania County from US 64 to SR 1326 south of Balsam.

REMC Pole Replacement Tower Road

The proposed action is to install a new power pole and lines to replace existing lines, in a new location.

Renewal of City of Brevard

The proposed action is to renew a special use permit for the City of Brevard.

Toppenberg Easement

The proposed action is to provide access to private land

White Pine Conversion

The proposed action is to convert white pine plantations to species more appropriate for the sites through commercial timber harvest.

Wildlife Opening Prescribed Burns

The proposed action is to prescribe burn 50-100 acres of dormant season wildlife openings for maintenance of grasses and forbs.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.