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The Sawtooth National Forest is a very special place in the heart of Idaho. Managing and protecting this land is most challenging – not only because of the vastness of the land but because of the varied, and sometimes conflicting, interests and values that stakeholders hold near and dear. Managing and protecting this land for future generations means listening and working with other agencies, implementing laws passed by Congress, exercising our best professional judgment, and working with stakeholders.

We sincerely hope that you will always feel free to question what and how we are managing the land, and, more importantly, get involved in our processes as we plan and make decisions regarding the management of this National Forest. Being stewards of this land and serving our stakeholders are jobs we take great pride in doing. 


Sawtooth National Forest Offices

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Sawtooth National Forest Seeks Public Comment on Grant Proposals to be Submitted to the State of Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation

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Badger Fire Vegetation Recovery Report

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Cheatgrass Challenge Report

Final Report

Year One Report


Be Bear Aware & Safely Store Food

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area (NRA) has a food storage order.  Prior to visiting the Sawtooth NRA know and understand what the food storage order requires. Click HERE for more information.

Official Food Storage Order









Electric Bicycles (e-bikes)

Currently, e-bikes are allowed on roads and trails with the Travel Management Rule (TMR) designations for "Roads Open to All Vehicles," "Trails Open to All Vehicles," "Trails Open to Vehicles 50" or Less in Width," and "Trails Open to Motorcycles Only." Riding opportunities for e-bikes can be viewed on our newly updated 2022 Motor Vehicle Use Map. Click on the heading above to learn more about using e-bikes on the Sawtooth National Forest.

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