Alerts & Notices

Current Closures and Special Orders In Effect


                           Closure Orders

Fairfield RD - Winter Travel Restrictions for Over-Snow vehicles


                           Fire Restrictions


                           Fire Closures


                           Occupancy & Use


                           Sawtooth National Recreation Area

Boulder-White Clouds - Order #0414-04-034

Sawtooth Wilderness - Order #0414-04-102

SNRA - Order #0414-04-051


                           Minidoka Ranger District

Castle Rocks Area Occupancy and Use - Order #0414-01-017


Regional Orders

This order states the restrictions that apply to motorized, mechanized, and other uses that are not covered by the MVUM and the travel rule, which include aircraft, watercraft, mechanized, over-snow vehicles, pedestrian and stock use.

For Public Safety and Occupancy

Public Notices

R4-2015-01 Regional Closure Order

This Order prohibits the use of explosives, including exploding targets.

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