Travel Management Rule

In 2012, Coconino National Forest implemented travel management regulations governing OHVs and other motor vehicle use in compliance with agency regulations. Learn more and access official documents related to travel management on the Coconino National Forest.


Range Management

Documents related to grazing allotments on the Coconino National Forest.



Current logging projects on the Coconino National Forest.


Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) for the Coconino National Forest

The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) contains a list of proposed actions that will soon begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation. We encourage your early and ongoing involvement in any proposals of interest to you.

Related: Forest Service Schedule of Proposed Actions throughout the nation


National Environmental Policies Act (NEPA)

Published documents and notices for the Coconino National Forest including Environmental Assessments, Decision Notices, Findings of No Significant Impact, Draft and Final Enviromental Impact Statements, and Records of Decision.

For older projects, see "Prior Years Published Documents and Notices"


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Coconino National Forest Current and Recent Projects

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Developing Proposal

2017 Spring Red Rock District Permit Reissuances

Permits for private roads Macaluso, Old Schoolhouse, Aerie Conservancy, Boynton Rock LTD, Stuckenschneider. Pine Valley Water pipeline, Camp Verde drainage/weir, Camp Verde Sewer line, Camp Verde Water Company pipeline, Clear Ck and Fossil Gages

APS Seven Communication Poles (including Village of Oak Creek)

At each, install a 65-foot, 12 sided, weathering steel poles, direct buried with 10 foot underground,800MHz antenna, a 2 foot Microwave dish, a Cambium PTP650 ODU (self-contained transceiver unit, 2 cabinets for radio/battery and access existing road

Arizona National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan will develop administrative and management goals, objectives and practices for the Arizona National Scenic Trail and management corridor.

Arizona Nordic Village Entrance Road

The Flagstaff Ranger District is considering a proposal from the Arizona Nordic Village to add an additional entrance from Highway 180 to an existing parking area to increase safety and improve ingress and egress from the recreation area.

AT&T Permit Reissuances

Reissuances of 3 buried communication lines. 1) Hwy180 near Kendrick Park to Hwy89 to Doney Park 2)Doney to I40 east and south to JW Powell 3)I17 to Schnebly Hill to Sedona south along Hwy89A to Cottonwood.

City of Sedona Chapel Road Authorization and Sewer Line

Issuance of an authorization to the City of Sedona for the existing Chapel Road including possible widening for bike paths and sidewalks and amending their current sewer transmission line permit to include sewer along this corridor.

Forest Road 128A Improvements.

In order to provide safer access to the Northern Arizona Shooting Range, the Arizona Game & Fish Department is requesting the ability to improve Forest Service Road 128A.

Fort Valley Soil Moisture Sensor Installation

Installation of soil moisture sensing devices including placement of wireless and corded sensors at various depths in the ground. Ten to eleven T posts 1.2 to 1.5 meters tall with small solar panels, batteries and containment box would be installed.

Green Private Access Road

Proposed access to private property off the Chavez Ranch Road near Sedona. Single driveway access.

Heart Trail & Little Elden Trail Realignment Project

The Flagstaff Ranger District and its partners are proposing to realign segments of two trails within the Dry Lake Hills Trail system:Heart Trail and Little Elden Trail. Realignment would been done using hand tools.

Highway 180 Motorized Trails

The goal of this project is to provide Forest visitors with a sustainable motorized, multi-use trail system along the Hwy 180 corridor that minimizes impacts to natural resources and social concerns/issues.

Hurley Access Road

Authorization for existing road to private property off the Page Springs Road near Cornville.

I-17 Hog Water Communication Site

Proposal to construct a new communication 150 foot tall tower, buildings and solar power system to improve wireless service along Interstate 17.

Mt. Elden Hang Gliding Launch Site Special Use Permit

This is a project that would re-issue a Special Use Permit to Arizona Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association to continue use of NFS lands and roads for access to an established launch site location.

North Forest Grassland Restoration Project

This project entails removing pinyon and juniper trees that are encroaching on grasslands through manual and mechanical means as well as broadcast burns. Some parts of the project area would receive no treatment.

Oak Creek Rim Switchbacks Communication Site

Proposal to build a 120 foot tall communication tower, support equipment shelter, buried power line connection and common carrier microwave system to support improved cellular communications along Hwy 89A in Oak Creek Canyon.

Oak Creek Watershed Restoration Project

Restoration of the Oak Creek Watershed based on the Middle and Lower Oak Creek Canyon Watershed Restoration Action Plan. Proposed activities strive toward improving the watershed conditions, wildlife habitat, and water quality.

Old Indian Road Permit

Proposal from private landowners to drive and do maintenance, including minor improvements to an administrative road in Oak Creek Canyon referred to as Old Indian Road

Old Walnut Canyon Road Improvements

Proposal by the City of Flagstaff to improve Old Walnut Canyon Road to private property and obtain an authorization for operation and maintenance of this corridor.

Sheeps Crossing FUTS Trail

City of Flagstaff is proposing to obtain a permit to construct a portion of the Flagstaff Urban Trail System 10 foot wide aggregate trail with 2 foot native shoulders to complete section of the trail system. Drainage work on Highway Stock tank.

Unisource Energy Permit Reissuance

Reissuances of expiring master permit for buried natural gas lines in various locations around Flagstaff and the Verde Valley.

Wallin Private Land Access

Private road access to land near Lake Mary Road and Clints Well. Existing road not currently open to the public.

Under Analysis

4FRI Rim Country Project

Landscape-scale restoration on the Coconino, Apache-Sitgreaves, and Tonto National Forests of ponderosa pine ecosystems, designed to maintain, improve, and restore ecosystem structure, pattern, function, and resiliency.

APS 69kv Power Line Permit for Childs-Irving Line

Issuance of a permit to replace the expired Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Hydropower License. Existing 69 kV line that was part of the Childs Irving Power operation and covered under the old license. Has been in continuous operation.

APS Transmission Line Permit Reissuances (4 Lines)

Reissuance of expired power line permits: Flagstaff-Prescott 230kV line, Flagstaff-Leupp 230kV line, Tuba City 69kV line, Flagstaff-Prescott 115/69kV line.

AZ Public Service-Salt River Project ROW Vegetation Management with Herbicides

FS must decide whether to allow APS and SRP to include using herbicides as a method to manage vegetation on existing APS and SRP transmission ROW within five National Forests in Arizona.

Buck Mountain Lookout Tower Viewshed Project

The project proposes to thin trees and reduce fuel loads around Buck Mountain Lookout Tower to extend the viewshed, improve the ability to detect wildfires and to reduce the threat of fire that could destroy the tower.

Changes to Motor Vehicle Designations

Changes to designations (as currently shown on the Motor Vehicle Use Map)for motor vehicles on roads, trails, and areas throughout the Coconino National Forest

Cragin Watershed Protection Project

Fuels reduction over about 64,000 acres within and adjacent to the watersheds that drain into the C. C. Cragin (formerly known as Blue Ridge) Reservoir.

Flagstaff Five Watershed Improvement Project

Closure of non-system roads in the area including 1-17 to the West, Lake Mary Road to the North and East, Coconino 90 and FR240 to the South. Closure activities will include blocking roads with debris, revegetation, and obliteration with equipment.

Flagstaff Ranger District Planting Project

The Flagstaff Ranger District is proposing to plant multiple locations across the district which were deforested due to wildfires.

Fossil Creek Wild and Scenic River Comprehensive River Management Plan

Creation of a Comprehensive River Management Plan for Fossil Creek, per Wild and Scenic Rivers Act requirements. View Fossil Creek general information.

Girdner Area Trails Planning

Up to 10 miles of non motorized multi-use trails will be proposed for the area near the Girdner Trail west of Sedona and north of SR89A.

Kinnikinick Lake Fish Habitat Improvement

Placement of juniper trees and catfish houses in Kinnikinick Lake to improve fish habitat to foster more and larger game fish for enhanced recreational opportunity

NAU Parks & Recreation Backpacking Outfitting & Guiding Special Use Permit

The Flagstaff Ranger District is proposing to issue a outfitting and guiding priority special use permit (FSH 2709.14 53.1m)to the Parks and Recreation Management Program at Northern Arizona University for the purpose of outdoor education.

Plan Revision for the Coconino National Forest

Revision of the Coconino National Forest's Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) that guides activities on the Coconino NF such as recreation management and improvement of ecosystem health. For more information, visit

Tobias-Flynn Private Land Access

Proposal to construct a road from SR179 to private property across Oak Creek from Poco Diablo and Chavez Crossing Group Campground in Sedona. Proposal is the result of litigation requiring the Forest Service to provide an easement.

Turkey Butte/Barney Pasture Forest Health Restoration

This project is designed to reduce improve forest and watershed health in the Turkey Butte and Barney Pasture area. Project activities would include thinning of small and medium diameter trees and prescribed burning.

Walnut Canyon National Monument Road Project

The Flagstaff Area National Monuments division of the National Parks Service is requesting to perform maintenance work along forest road 622, the main road in the monument. Road work will include cleaning culverts and repair to shoulders.

Wedding Planner Outfitting & Guiding Special Use Permit

The Flagstaff Ranger District proposes to issue a Priority Special Use Permit for Outfitting and Guiding Services to a wedding planner. This permit would authorize up to 10 weddings/ year at established locations.

Western Area Power Administration Glen Canyon-Rogers 230/345kV Integrated Vegetation Mgmt Program

Western is proposing to implement a operation and maintenance (O&M) and Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) program on the Rogers-Glen Canyon section of the Colorado River Storage Project (CRSP) Transmission System. Includes use of herbicides.

Analysis Completed

A-1 Mountain Grazing Allotment Project

This project would determine whether and to what extent a term grazing permit would be issued to continue livestock grazing on the A-1 Mountain Grazing Allotment through an environmental assessment.

Canyon Vista Campground Improvement Project

Three additional campsites would be added to Canyon Vista Campground.

Ike's Backbone

Evaluate the vacant Ike's Backbone grazing allotment for closure due to infeasibility of managing grazing on it because of size and topography.

Jack Smith/Schultz Fuels Reduction and Forest Health

A fuels reduction/forest health project, in conjunction with the Greater Flagstaff Forest Partnership, to treat approximately 10,000 acres of forest.

Kelly Motorized Trails

The goal of the Kelly Motorized Trails project is to create a sustainable motorized trail system for both single-track (motorcycles) and larger off-highway vehicles using a combination of existing non-system trails, roads, and new trail construction.

Mormon Lake Guard Station Improvement Project

The Flagstaff Ranger District is proposing to conduct repairs to include roof and siding replacement, foundation repairs, porch repairs, window repair, water diversion, and rodent remediation to the historic Mormon Lake Guard Station Ranger House.

Mountainaire Land Conveyance Correction

Implementation of Public Law 113-107 to authorize the conveyance of land within the boundaries of the Coconino National Forest containing private improvements that were developed based upon the reliance of an erroneous survey conducted in 1960.

Schultz Sediment Reduction Project

Project will analyze the effects of issuing a special use permit for a Coconino County proposal to recontour and stabilize watershed channels within the 2010 Schultz burn area to reduce sediment production.

Soldiers Pass Motorized Use

Analysis of motorized use on Soldier Pass Road and how to bring it into compliance with Forest Plan direction for social encounter levels. Current use has exceeded capacity.

Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Visitor Center Waterline Maintenance Project

To prevent freezing of the water fountain located at the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Visitor Center heat tape will be installed. Installation will require a small trench to be dug in order to tie into an existing electrical line.

On Hold

Apache Maid Rangeland Management Analysis

Analyze the conditions on the Apache Maid Range Allotment and its potential to continue to support livestock grazing with the principles of Adaptive Management.

Mt Elden/Dry Lake Hills Recreation Planning

This project is planning for non-motorized recreation for trails, special uses and facilities in the Mt. Elden-Dry Lake Hills (MEDL) area. The next round of public involvement will be related to alternative development in summer 2014.

NPG Cable of Arizona/Suddenlink Issuance of New Permit

Proposal to re issue a permit to NPG Cable/Suddenlink for existing aerial and buried television cable lines on the Red Rock and Flagstaff Ranger Districts.


Bar M, Newman, and Flag South Fuels Reduction Project

The Flagstaff Ranger District is proposing to conduct a review to determine the effects of using prescribed fire to treat areas not identified for treatment within the Four Forest Restoration Initiative footprint.

Cave Springs Bank Stabilization

Stabilize banks of Oak Creek along Cave Springs campground. Would involve stabilizing a collapsing bank and possibly restoring a more natural central channel to the creek by filling in two constricted side channels and opening the middle.

Cornville Motorized Single Track Trail

Construction and reconstruction of a 27 mile single track motorized trail east of Cornville. The trail will be open for non-motorized use as well.

Lake Mary Road and Bridge Improvement Project

The Federal Highway Administration in cooperation with the Coconino National Forest and Coconino County, is proposing improvements to Lake Mary Road to address safety concerns and general roadway deficiencies (drainage, curve radii, sight distance).

Marshall Lake Improvement Project

AZGFD is requesting to do road improvements, increase wildlife habitat, and wetland modifications to the project area to improve wildlife habitat quality and diversity at the wetland by increasing water runoff and retention.

Red Rock OHV Improvements

Make improvements to the OHV road/trail system around Sedona. Project canceled due to recreation needs.

Sedona-Oak Creek Alternative Transportation Study

Proposal includes a shuttle operation, bicycle, and pedestrian improvements. Proposal also includes additional parking areas and modifications to parking at existing sites. Canceled: Project canceled at this time due to changed priorities.

Project Archive

Some of our older projects can be accessed in our Project Archive.