• Travel Management Rule

    In 2012, Coconino National Forest implemented travel management regulations governing Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) and other motor vehicle use in compliance with agency regulations. Learn more and access official documents related to travel management on the Coconino National Forest.

  • Range Management

    Documents related to grazing allotments on the Coconino National Forest.

  • Logging

    Current logging projects on the Coconino National Forest.

  • Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) - Coconino National Forest

    The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) contains a list of proposed actions that will soon begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation. We encourage your early and ongoing involvement in any proposals of interest to you. 

    Related: Forest Service Schedule of Proposed Actions throughout the nation

  • National Environmental Policies Act (NEPA)

    Published documents and notices for the Coconino National Forest including Environmental Assessments, Decision Notices, Findings of No Significant Impact, Draft and Final Environmental Impact Statements, and Records of Decision.

    For older projects, visit "Prior Years Published Documents and Notices"

Coconino National Forest Current and Recent Projects

Developing Proposal

  • Leroux Fuels Management Project

    To reduce fuels and tree densities in the project area to provide better conditions for wildfire protection measures and reduce the potential for high severity fire effects during a wildfire.

  • Qwest dba CenturyLink, Fiber Optic Line Permit Reissuance

    Reissuance of a Fiber Optic Line permit to Qwest, dba CenturyLink. This is the Master Permit for the phone lines that Qwest has on the forest.

Under Analysis

  • APS Oak Creek to McGuireville 69kV Transmission Line Project

    Arizona Public Service Co. proposes a 69kV electric transmission line to improve electric reliability for nearby communities. Alternatives considered for this project would require a Forest Plan Amendment for guidelines regarding scenic resources.

  • Arizona Department of Public Safety new tower on Mount Elden

    AZDPS will build a new communications tower and shelter within the existing Mount Elden Communications Site area

  • Arizona National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Plan

    The comprehensive plan will establish the administrative objectives, policies, processes, and management guidelines necessary to fulfill the legislative requirements for national scenic trails under the National Trails System Act.

  • Chiricahua Leopard Frog Habitat Enhancement

    Improve habitat for the threatened Chiricahua Leopard Frog in Hackberry Spring and Stream by increasing surface water extent and pool depth in the reach of the channel downstream from Hackberry Spring.

  • Doors of Dimension LLC Private Driveway Permit Request

    Doors of Dimension LLC has requested access across Coconino National Forest Lands to build a driveway to their private property Yavapai County Parcel # 408-12-011A.

  • Mogollon Rim Oystershell Scale Mitigation Trials Project

    To study the effectiveness of various treatments to select aspen stands to for addressing oystershell scale infestations.

  • Northern Arizona Wildlife Crossings

    Construction of three highway overpasses to allow wildlife passage. Two overpasses will be on Interstate 17 and One will be on Interstate 40 in northern Arizona.

  • Pefanis Private Access Road

    Permit use of already existing driveway across Forest Service System lands.

  • Red Rock Trails Access Plan

    The Red Rock Ranger District proposes up to 30 miles of non-motorized trail construction, adoption of 16 miles of user-created trails, and naturalization of 21 miles of user-created trails, in 3 communities: Sedona; Village of Oak Creek; & Cornville.

  • Salt River Project New Snow Measurement Station Amendment Request

    Salt River Project has proposed installation of instrumentation to collect snow measurement data. The location is at an existing snowtography site managed by NRCS across Lake Mary Road from the Happy Jack Station.

  • TDS Telecom Fiberoptic Installation at Happy Jack Station

    TDS Telecom has requested an amendment #7 to their existing authorization COC0507 to install approximately 560 of buried fiber optic cable to provision high speed internet to the Happy Jack Forest Service Facility

  • Unisource Gas (UNS) Old Munds Highway Natural Gas Pipeline Spur

    UNS is requesting permission to install a natural gas spur line to provide gas from their mainline running through Coconino NF to private property. The 3/4 inch pipeline would be buried 3.5ft deep and cross 33ft of Coconino NF lands.

  • Yavapai-Apache Nation Land Exchange

    The Prescott National Forest is proposing a land exchange between the Prescott, Coconino, Kaibab, and Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests and the Yavapai-Apache Nation (YAN). More information at

Analysis Completed

  • 2018/2019 Flagstaff Ranger District Personal Use Permits for Wildings

    The Wildings Program is designed to provide the public with an opportunity to transplant smaller Evergreen and/or Oak trees from U.S Forest lands for personal use.

  • 4FRI Rim Country Project

    Landscape-scale restoration on the Coconino, Apache-Sitgreaves, and Tonto National Forests of ponderosa pine ecosystems, designed to maintain, improve, and restore ecosystem structure, pattern, function, and resiliency.

  • Arizona National Scenic Trail Reroute, Hay Meadow Trailhead to Gooseberry Springs Trailhead

    The project is to reroute three segments (totaling 18 miles) of the existing trail off of Forest System Roads to a non-motorized pathway. In addition, up to 20 new range gates will be installed at range fence lines.

  • Arizona Snowbowl Agassiz Lift Replacement

    The existing Agassiz fixed-grip triple chairlift would be replaced and upgraded with a detachable combination chairlift and gondola referred to as a chondola or telemix.

  • Arizona Snowbowl Facilities Improvement

    Proposed snowmaking, realignment of lifts, installation of new lifts, a snowplay/tubing area, and improved service facilities and resort infrastructure. All are proposed within Arizona Snowbowl's existing Forest Service Special Use Permit boundary.

  • Canyon Vista Campground Improvement Project

    Three additional campsites would be added to Canyon Vista Campground.

  • Clints Well Forest Restoration Project

    Fuel reduction & ecosystem restoration over approximately 16,809 acres within and adjacent to the WUI of Clints Well.

  • CO Bar Solar Interconnection Project

    Proposal to expand, maintain, and haul commercial vehicles on two Forest Service roads (1.9 miles of FR 417 and 2.6 miles of FR 9003) in connection with the CO Bar Solar Project on adjacent state and private lands

  • Cragin Watershed Protection Project

    Fuels reduction on 64,433 acres including 37,000 acres of mechanical thinning and prescribed fire treatments throughout the project area. It is located in watersheds that drain into the C.C. Cragin Reservoir, water supply for the Town of Payson.

  • Elk Park Fuels Reduction/Forest Health

    Reduce wildfire risk on approximately 6,700 acres of NFS lands surrounding the community of Elk Park Meadows through mechanical thinning and prescribed burning methods.

  • Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project

    NOTICE OF OBJECTION RESOLUTION MEETING -- September 22, 2015 at 13:00, Coconino NF Supervisor's Office, 1824 S Thompson St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. Purpose is to discuss and hopefully resolve objections associated with the FWPP draft decision.

  • Four-Forest Restoration Initiative EIS: Kaibab and Coconino

    Implementation of forest restoration activities including thinning of trees, prescribed fire treatments, and watershed and road restoration within 988,764 acres of the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests. See for information.

  • GFFP Eastside

    A fuels reduction/forest health project in conjunction with the Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership.

  • Glen Canyon to Pinnacle Peak Transmission Line Vegetation Management

    Manage vegetation ro reduce risk of wildfire within a 420-foot corridor for the existing 345kV line traversing the Coconino National Forest. Purpose is to reduce wildfire risk for improved line reliability per the 2005 Energy Policy Act

  • Inner Basin Water Pipeline Reconstruction

    Reconstruction of the City of Flagstaff drinking water pipeline and the pipeline road (FR 146), at sites where it was washed out after the Schultz Fire. Some of the pipeline may be relocated to the Schultz Pass Rd (FR420) to avoid Wilderness.

  • Jack Smith/Schultz Fuels Reduction and Forest Health

    A fuels reduction/forest health project, in conjunction with the Greater Flagstaff Forest Partnership, to treat approximately 10,000 acres of forest.

  • Marshall Fuel Reduction and Forest Restoration Project

    This project is designed to reduce hazardous fuels and improve forest health in the Marshall project area, located on the Peaks/Mormon Lake Ranger District of the Coconino National Forest.

  • Mormon Lake Guard Station Improvement Project

    The Flagstaff Ranger District is proposing to conduct repairs to include roof and siding replacement, foundation repairs, porch repairs, window repair, water diversion, and rodent remediation to the historic Mormon Lake Guard Station Ranger House.

  • Mountainaire HFRA

    A fuels reduction/forest health project in conjunction with the Greater Flagstaff Forest Partnership.

  • Mountainaire Land Conveyance Correction

    Implementation of Public Law 113-107 to authorize the conveyance of land within the boundaries of the Coconino National Forest containing private improvements that were developed based upon the reliance of an erroneous survey conducted in 1960.

  • Mt. Elden Hang Gliding Launch Site Special Use Permit

    This is a project that would re-issue a Special Use Permit to Arizona Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association to continue use of NFS lands and roads for access to an established launch site location.

  • Munds Park Fuels Reduction

    Reduce wildfire risk and improve forest health on approximately 3,000 acres of NFS land south of Munds Park through prescribed burning and thinning.

  • Museum Fire Hazard Tree Removal Project

    Cut and remove hazard trees created in the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project area due to the July 2019 Museum Fire.

  • Post Pipeline Fire Flood Mitigation Activities

    Installation of Jersey barriers along Forest Road 743 south of the Flagstaff Landfill Road and repairs to sediment control projects west of highway 89 in Campbell, Paintbrush, and surronding washes.

  • Post-Tornado Resource Protection and Recovery Project

    Removal of hazardous fuel accumulations, removal or treatment of down woody material at risk for bark beetle colonization and spread, and other forest recovery/restoration activities across several tornado damage swaths on the forest.

  • Rock Pit Development

    To authorize development of Lockwood Rock Pit to provide for long term needs of crushed limestone for use as road aggregate.

  • Rock Pit Development: Coconino and Kaibab National Forests

    Development of up to 39 rock pits affecting a total of 434 acres on the Coconino and Kaibab national forests to provide materials for surfacing roads to maintain safe and sustainable road conditions.

  • Schultz Fire Rehabilitation

    The Schultz Fire Rehabilitaiton includes the felling of hazard trees, approximately 12 miles of road repair, approximately 1.5 miles of trail repair, and the construction of 3 miles of fence around the Copeland ditch.

  • Schultz Fire Salvage

    The Schultz Fire Salvage includes the salvage of dead trees on approximately 150 acres. Salvage would occur in an approximatley 100 foot zone on both sides of Forest Roads 420, 556, 420H, 420K, 9121K and 6064D.

  • Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Visitor Center Waterline Maintenance Project

    To prevent freezing of the water fountain located at the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument Visitor Center heat tape will be installed. Installation will require a small trench to be dug in order to tie into an existing electrical line.

  • Upper Beaver Creek Watershed Fuels Reduction Project

    Reduce fuels and manage for forest health in the Upper Beaver Creek watershed.

  • Upper Verde River - Wild and Scenic River Suitability Study Environmental Assessment

    The Prescott National Forest has completed a draft environmental assessment (DEA) and FONSI on the Upper Verde Wild and Scenic River Suitability Study for 37 miles of the Upper Verde River on the Prescott and Coconino National Forests.

  • Victorine 10 K Area Analysis

    Evaluate alternative treatments to reduce live and dead fuels to protect Wildland-Urban Interface areas and past investments in forest health.

  • Walnut Canyon National Monument Road Project

    The Flagstaff Area National Monuments division of the National Parks Service is requesting to perform maintenance work along forest road 622, the main road in the monument. Road work will include cleaning culverts and repair to shoulders.

  • Wing Mountain Fuels Reduction and Forest Health Restoration

    This project is designed to reduce hazardous fuels and improve forest health in the Wing Mountain area. Project activities will include thinning of small and medium diameter trees and prescribed fire treatments.

  • Woody Ridge Forest Health

    Fuels reduction and forest restoration prescriptions applied in the project area, and also recreation and road management changes may be proposed.

On Hold

  • AT&T Permit Reissuances

    Reissuances of 3 buried communication lines. 1) Hwy180 near Kendrick Park to Hwy89 to Doney Park 2)Doney to I40 east and south to JW Powell 3)I17 to Schnebly Hill to Sedona south along Hwy89A to Cottonwood.

  • Fred Haught Trail Reroute and Trailhead Improvement Project

    Re-routing of a 0.5 mile section of the Fred Haught Trail and installation of 3 kiosks at nearby hiking trail trailheads.

  • Prescott College Academic Outfitter and Guide Priority Use (2015-2025)

    The Forest Service proposes to authorize Prescott College to conduct academic field courses year-round across forests in Arizona including adventure education, biology, human ecology, natural history, physical geography, & field ecology.


  • 5 Mile Communication Site Improvements

    Construction of three equipment shelters and replacement of two generators,chain link fence and existing guyed tower with self supporting tower. This would all occur within the existing communication site boundary.

  • APS 69kv Power Line Permit for Childs-Irving Line

    Issuance of a permit to replace the expired Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Hydropower License. Existing 69 kV line that was part of the Childs Irving Power operation and covered under the old license. Has been in continuous operation.

  • Arizona Public Service Master Permit Reissuance

    Reissue permit for operation and maintenance of aerial/buried distribution power lines, including facilities like gates/utility boxes/pads/other communication poles and equipment. Vegetation removal and equipment replacement is included with permit.

  • Changes to Motor Vehicle Designations

    Changes to designations (as currently shown on the Motor Vehicle Use Map)for motor vehicles on roads, trails, and areas throughout the Coconino National Forest

  • Flagstaff Ranger District Prospectus for Outfitter Guide Services

    The scoping period has been extended to January 22, 2023. This proposal would address recreation special uses on the Flagstaff Ranger District including parts of the Mt. Elden-Dry Lake Hills. Seven outfitter and guiding permits would be issued.

  • Green Private Access Road

    Proposed access to private property off the Chavez Ranch Road near Sedona. Single driveway access.

  • Mogollon Rim Spring Restoration Project

    Restoration activities at the location of 16 springs on the Mogollon Rim Ranger District

  • NPG Cable of Arizona/Suddenlink Issuance of New Permit

    Proposal to re issue a permit to NPG Cable/Suddenlink for existing aerial and buried television cable lines on the Red Rock and Flagstaff Ranger Districts.

  • Old Indian Road Permit

    Proposal from private landowners to drive and do maintenance, including minor improvements to an administrative road in Oak Creek Canyon referred to as Old Indian Road

  • Old Walnut Canyon Road Improvements

    Proposal by the City of Flagstaff to improve Old Walnut Canyon Road to private property and obtain an authorization for operation and maintenance of this corridor.

  • Prairie to Pines Motorized Trail

    The goal of this project is to provide Forest visitors with a sustainable motorized, multi-use trail system along the Hwy 180 corridor that minimizes impacts to natural resources and social concerns/issues.

  • Proposed Boynton Pass Road Paving project (FSR 152C & 152E) by AC Sedona LLC

    Proposed road improvements to FR 152F and 152D to the private land at the end of 152F along with a private road easement to the private land owner, AC Sedona, LLC

  • Sedona-Oak Creek Alternative Transportation Study

    Proposal includes a shuttle operation, bicycle, and pedestrian improvements. Proposal also includes additional parking areas and modifications to parking at existing sites. Canceled: Project canceled at this time due to changed priorities.

  • Slide Rock-cancelled

    Duplicated project--to be cancelled in filing system

  • Turkey Butte/Barney Pasture Forest Health Restoration

    This project is designed to reduce improve forest and watershed health in the Turkey Butte and Barney Pasture area. Project activities would include thinning of small and medium diameter trees and prescribed burning.

  • Unisource Gas Walnut Creek Meadows Line Extension

    Extension of natural gas service from Cosnino Road to Leupp Road within the Townsend Winona and Leupp Road right-of-way corridors

  • Western Area Power Administration Glen Canyon-Rogers 230/345kV Integrated Vegetation Mgmt Program

    Western is proposing to implement a operation and maintenance (O&M) and Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) program on the Rogers-Glen Canyon section of the Colorado River Storage Project (CRSP) Transmission System. Includes use of herbicides.

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