Please recreate responsibly!

Sign explaining how the do your part and recreate responsibly

Outdoor recreation can be beneficial to mental and physical health but must be practiced safely. We continue to ask visitors to recreate locally. Please do your part!

  • PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING: Provide space of at least 6 feet at all times during your visit.
  • DO NOT GATHER IN GROUPS: Follow the latest guidance from officials.
  • SHARE THE TRAIL: Alert other trail users of your presence and step aside to let them pass.
  • PACK OUT YOUR TRASH: Leave with everything you bring in and use.
If you do plan on visiting the National Forest, please be aware that:
  • No trash removal is currently offered – please pack out all trash and waste
  • Most toilet facilities are currently closed – please plan accordingly
  • Avoid high-risk activities – law enforcement and search and rescue operations may be limited
  • If an area is crowded, please search for a less occupied location

Please!  Always use fire safely

Obtain your Calfornia Campfire Permit online and follow the guidelines for using a campfire, stove, or BBQ safely.  Know the current fire danger levels and fire restrictions. Always be sure your fire, stove, or BBQ is completely out before stepping away!

Recreation Opportunities on the Klamath National Forest

A man hikes along a trail on a high ridge overlooking a beautiful valley.

A man hikes along a trail on a high ridge overlooking a beautiful valley.

Want to kick back and relax under shady pines by a sparkling lake? Looking for a "base camp" for a day of hiking, boating, white water rafting, fishing, or swimming? Want to just get out of the house for the day for a nice picnic in the great outdoors? If so, the Klamath National Forest can offer you that and more!

With nearly one million acres for your enjoyment, relaxation, and exploration, you can experience the solitude of the wilderness or enjoy camping near others in developed campgrounds. Camp in densely forested woodlands or open meadows, discover secluded flats along river banks and enjoy panoramic views of majestic mountains.

A continuing goal of the Klamath National Forest is to make these recreational opportunities accessible to persons with disabilities.

Recreation Map

Map showing recreational areas. Map Information

Recreation Conditions Report

 Area Name Status Area Conditions
Beaver Creek Campground Open to Visitor
Benjamin Creek Trailhead Closed to Visitor Closed due to landslide in the area.
Cold Spring Trailhead Closed to Visitor Trailhead is closed and inaccessible because of a landslide on Forest Road 45N78.
Curly Jack Campground Closed to Visitor Scheduled to open for 2021 season on May 15.
Fort Goff Campground Open to Visitor
Humbug OHV Recreation Area Open to Visitor
Jones Beach Picnic and River Access Open to Visitor
Juniper Flat OHV Area Closed to Visitor Juniper Flats OHV area is closed until further notice due to vandalism, excessive littering, and other illegal activity.  Please contact the Goosenest Ranger District for additional information.
L. China Point River Access Closed to Visitor Road closed due to landslide.
Lovers Camp Campground Open to Visitor Restroom closed for the winter. No potable water.
Mt. Ashland Campground Closed to Visitor Road access (20 Road) to campground will close in mid-November.
Orr Lake Campground Open to Visitor Open throughout the winter season. No potable water.
Sarah Totten Campground Open to Visitor Campsites in the eastern loop remain open through the winter.  Campsites in western loop open May 15. Potable water available starting May 15.
Tree of Heaven Campground Closed to Visitor Tree of Heaven scheduled to open on May 15, 2021.
West Branch Campground Closed to Visitor Closed.  This campground was burned over by Slater Fire in September 2020.
Areas & Activities
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