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There are many opportunities on the Dakota Prairie National Grasslands to partake in some classic fishing.  Throughout the districts, some streams, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs are stocked yearly with a variety of fish species.  Please click on a grassland to learn more about fishing in that area.

Many of the summer fishing locations can also be used as ice fishing locations in the winter.

Fishermen can try their luck on several panfish species including: bluegill, large-mouth bass, yellow perch, black crappie, white crappie, bullhead, and catfish.  There are a few ponds that are known to have walleye and pike as well. 

Although not allowed to be disturbed, visitors are likely to see a variety of wildlife near fishing areas.  These include the Boreal Chorus Frog, Gophersnake, Milksnake, Northern Leopard Frog, Painted Turtle, Plains Gartersnake, Prairie Rattlesnake, Racer, Short-horned lizard, and Tiger Salamander.

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