Forest Planning Documents

The Forest Plan establishes the primary management direction for the entire forest, providing a framework for what we do and where we do it. All other plans tier to the Forest Plan

1990 Forest Plan & Forest Plan Amendments: Siuslaw National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan and the Final Environmental Impact Statement. This is a digital copy of the original documents printed in 1990.

Forest Plan Monitoring & Evaluation Reports: These yearly documents report Forest activities and accomplishments comparing them to the Forest Plan direction, and projected outputs and effects. Monitoring and evaluation are important elements in the implementation of the Forest Plan.

Northwest Forest Plan: The Northwest Forest Plan was published in 1994 and amends the 1990 Forest Plan.

Federal Lands In and Adjacent to Oregon Coast Province Assessment Report (1995)

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area Management Plan (1994)

Cascade Head Scenic Research Area Management Plan

If you are new to forest planning, we encourage you to check-out the following guides to learn more about the planning process:

A Citizens’ Guide to National Forest Planning

Understanding Your Opportunities for Participating in the Forest Service Planning Process:  A Guide for State, Local, and Tribal Governments

To learn more about forest planning efforts, please visit the following websites:

R6 Pacific Northwest Region

2015 Public Listening Sessions

20-year Monitoring Reports

NWFP Draft Science Synthesis

Bureau of Land Management Resource Management Plan Revisions

Assessments & Other Planning Documents

Completed planning projects and reports that we use to guide the management of our forest resources. Assessments identify existing condition, risks, opportunities, and desired future condition. The end product does not require a NEPA decision, but is information that feeds into Project analysis.

Northern Coast Range Adaptive Management Area Plan (1997)

  • Part 1: pages 1-50 (pdf  11 mb)
  • Part 2: pages 51 - end (pdf 6.4 mb)

Mt.Hebo Special Interest Area Plan (1996)

  • Map 1: LSR Areas (pdf  488 kb)
  • Map 2: Natural and Manmade Features  (pdf  242 kb)

Marys Peak Scenic Botanical Special Interest Area Plan (1989)

Watershed Analysis Documents

Late-Successional Reserve Assessments

Travel Management Documents

National Strategic Plan