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Recreation Area MapWelcome to Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests and Thunder Basin National Grassland! Visitor opportunities abound on almost 2.9 million acres of National Forest System lands.

The Medicine Bow and Routt National Forests provide year-round recreation opportunities for you. These activities include hiking, biking, camping, snowmobiling, skiing, horseback riding, OHV riding, fishing and hunting, just to name a few. Elevation ranges from 5,500 to 12,940 feet. Beautiful vistas await sightseers and photographers. The Thunder Basin National Grassland provides unique opportunities for recreation, including hiking, sightseeing, hunting, and fishing. Elevation on the national grassland ranges from 3,600 to 5,200 feet.

Recreation sites are subdivided into the areas seen in the map on the right. Use the dropdown above to explore recreation areas by activity. For information on specific sites or areas, use the map below or the "Find An Area" feature in the right sidebar.

Recreation Map

Map showing recreational areas. Map Information

Recreation Conditions Report

Area Name Status Area Conditions
Aspen Campground Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season
Bear Lake Campground Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season.
Bear River Developed Camp Sites Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season.
Big Creek Lakes Campground Open Open 05/20/22 - Open for season, Lake is free of ice.
Blacktail Creek Campground Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season.
Bottle Creek Campground Open Open 7/26/22 - Campground open, water now available.
Bow River Campground Open Open 6-1-2022 open, no trash service (pack in pack out).
Brooklyn Lake Campground Open Open 8/6/22 - Open for season. Visitors accessing Sheep Lake via trail #389 should be aware that the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality received the attached report of a potential harmful cyanobacterial bloom (HCB). Testing is being conducted, and results will be shared on this page. Until conclusive results are available, please use extreme caution and avoid entering the water or its mist or allowing livestock to do so.
Campbell Creek Campground Open Open 5/24/22 - Campground is open for the season.
Chapman Reservoir Campground Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season.
Cold Springs Campground Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season.
Crosho Lake Recreation Area Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season.
Curtis Gulch Campground Open Open 5/24/22 - Campground is open for the season.
Deep Creek Campground Open Open 6/28/22 - Open for season, no trash.
Dry Lake Campground Open Open 5/27/22 - Open for season.
Dumont Lake Campground Open Open 6/24/2022 - Opened for the season. Pump handle broken on water system. Water not currently available. 
Esterbrook Campground Open Open 5/23/22 - Campground is open for season
Freeman Reservoir Campground Open Open
French Creek Campground Open Open 6-1-2022 open, no trash service (pack in pack out)
Friend Park Campground Open Open 7/26/22 - Campground is open, but visitors should be mindful of nearby Sugarloaf Fire.
Granite Campground Open Open 8/8/22 - Open for season.
Hahns Peak Lake Campground Open Open 6/15/2022- opened for the season
Hidden Lakes Campground Open Open 7/20/22 - Open for the season.
Hinman Park Campground Open Open 5/18/22 - Open for season.
Hog Park Campground Open Open 6-14-22 - Open for season
Horseshoe Campground Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season.
Jack Creek Campground Open Open 6/28/22 - Open for season.
Jack Creek Guard Station Open Open 6/28/22 - Open for season.
Lake Owen Campground Open Open 7/9/22 - Campground is open for the season. 
Libby Creek Pine Campground Open Open 6/16/22 - Open for season.
Libby Creek Willow Campground Open Open 6/16/22 - Open for season.
Lincoln Park Campground Open Open 5-26-2022 open for season
Lost Creek Campground Open Open 6-1-2022 - Open for campground, no trash.
Lynx Pass Campground Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season.
Meadows Campground Open Open 06/29/22- opened for the season
Miller Lake Dispersed Campground Open Open 8/2/22 - A cyanobacteria sample collected at the northwest shore of Miller Lake on July 19th found a high density of cyanobacteria density (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae). Please use caution in the area and do not allow pert, livestock, or humans to contact or consume the water. There are no ways to treat the water for safe consumption. Fish caught in Miller Lake should be rinsed thoroughly, and only the filet should be eaten. Spray/mist from the bloom can also have adverse impacts.
Nash Fork Campground Open Open 6/16/22 - Open for season.
North Fork Campground Open Open 6/16/22 - Open for season.
Pelton Creek Campground Closed Closed Closed for 2022 season.
Pines Campground Open Open 7/15/22 - This campground is open for the season but will closed temporarily for repairs on August 22, 2022. The campground will reopen in September.
Pole Creek Dispersed Campground Open Open 2022 - This campground is open to dispersed camping. Much of the infrastructure is overgrown, but it is still accessible. 
Rob Roy Campground Open Open 6/23/22 - Open for season, no water at this time.
Ryan Park Campground Open Open 5/26/22 - Open for season
Sawmill Creek Campground Closed Closed Dispersed camping allowed. Please pack out what you pack in.
Seedhouse Campground Open Open 6/3/2022- open for the season. 
Seedhouse Group Campground Open Open 6/3/2022 - Campground open for season. 
Sheriff Reservoir Campground Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season.
Silver Lake Campground Open Open 7/12/22 - Open for season.
Six Mile Campground Open Open 6-1-2022 open
South Brush Creek Campground Open Open 5-26-22 open for season
Sugarloaf Campground Open Open 7/25/22 - Open for season, water available. 
Summit Lake Campground Open Open Open for the season- 7/14/2022
Teal Lake Campground Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season.
Teal Lake Group Site Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season.
Tie City Campground Open Open 5/25/22 - Open for season.
Vaughan Lake Campground Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season.
Vedauwoo Campground Open Open 8/10/22 - Open for season, water not curerntly available.
Vedauwoo Designated Dispersed Campsites Open Open 5/25/22 - Pole Mountain roads are open for the season and designated dispersed campsites are accessible.
Yamcolo Reservoir Camping, Fishing and Boat Launch Open Open 6/1/22 - Open for season.
Yellow Pine Campground Open Open 5/24/22 - Open for season.


Fish Creek Falls TH: Trail #1102

Fish Creek Falls

Trail Map

Fish Creek Falls Trailhead #1102 provides a great view of the waterfalls from a wheelchair accessible overlook trail and a dirt trail leading to the base of the falls. A historical bridge, which crosses Fish Creek, continues the trail 5 miles to Long Lake and connects to Trail #1101 and Trail #1032. Vault toilet are provided. Area open year round, providing snow shoeing and ice climbing in the winter months.

Vedauwoo Campground


The campground is composed of two loops, winding around the boulders, slabs and cliffs of the Vedauwoo rock formation. The formation is made up of 10 square miles of weathered Sherman granite, providing lots of space to explore.  There are 28 campsites with tables, fire rings, trash pick up and vault toilets.  This area is constructed to blend in with the natural beauty of the surroundings.  The vegetation is a variety of Limber pine, Engleman spruce, Douglas fir, and Aspen. Potable water is available inside the RV campground, look for the water pump.

The general area was once used as a hideout for outlaws. Native Americans thought playful spirits piled up the boulders.Some of the campsites are so secluded, one might feel the "outlaw's spirit." There is access to rock climbing and a nature trail through the rocks.

Bear Lake Campground

Photo of camper and Flat Top Mountain from Bear Lake Campground

The Bear Lake Campground is located 11 miles outside of Yampa, Colorado on Forest Service Road 900 (adjacent to Bear Lake between Yamcolo Reservoir and Stillwater Reservoir.)

NOTE:  Although the campground is adjacent to Bear Lake and the fishing pier, the campsites do not offer a view of the water or the Flat Tops.

*A few sites do offer partial views of the towering black cliffs that identify the wilderness boundary.*

(Those desiring sites with water and a view of the Flat Tops can find several designated dispersed campsites outside of the campground along Forest Service Road 900 that leads to the campground.) 

The Bear Lake Fishing Pier and Bear Lake Picnic Area are located within a short walk near the campground's entrance and are both free of charge for day use. Additionally, those interested in hiking can access Mandall Lakes, Smith Lake, and Stillwater Trailhead nearby within a short drive along Forest Service Road 900. The trailheads are all clearly marked with a sign and can be seen from the road. 

South Brush Creek Campground

South Brush Creek Campground is located on the west side of the Snowy Range along the shore of South Brush Creek and is a sunny campground composed of two sections located in a dense stand of Lodgepole pines, fir and Aspen trees next to South Brush Creek. The campground has 20 sites, with 6 pull-through sites for trailers under 25 feet. Amenities include picnic tables, fire grates, toilets, trash service, and a camp host on site, and water is available late May through mid September. Pets are allowed but must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet and under control at all times. Many hiking, OHV, and fishing opportunities are available in the area.

Mirror Lake Picnic & Fishing Site

Mirror Lake Picnic and Fishing Site

Mirror Lake is a popular picnic and fishing stop on the Snowy Range Highway. The site offers 15 picnic tables with scenic views near the base of Medicine Bow Peak. It provides lakeside access for fishing and a short easy walking trail to the West Lake Marie Trailhead. Other popular hiking trails in the area include the Medicine Bow Peak, Lake Marie Falls, Lakes Trail and Miners Cabin Trails. This site should not be missed if you are traveling along the Snowy Range Scenic Byway. No services mid-September thru June.

Lincoln Park Campground

This campground is three miles off the Snowy Range Scenic Byway (Hwy 130) beside North Brush Creek. Lincoln Park campground is situated at 7,800 feet elevation and offers a great base camp to explore the Medicine Bow National Forest. It includes 12 campsites suitable for trailer, tent, and RV camping. Sites include picnic tables and fire grates, and  potable water, toilets, and trash services are accessible during the open season. 

Stump Hollow Trail, Cedar Creek Trail, and Kennaday Peak are popular OHV destinations and trails nearby. Kennaday Peak offers a panoramic view of the area. To plan your trail riding, check out the Motor Vehicle Use Map to ensure that you ride safely and legally.

Other activities include fishing in nearby streams that support populations of brook and brown trout. Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, hunting, picnicking, winter sports, and wildlife viewing opportunities abound in the Snowy Range area.

Recreation Areas