Black Range Ranger District

Black Range Ranger District sign

The Black Range Ranger District is located in the eastern most portion of the Gila National Forest in southwest New Mexico, and comprises 557,573 acres. A large portion of the Aldo Leopold Wilderness lies within the Black Range Ranger District, as well as a small portion of the Gila Wilderness.

The Black Range Mountains stand as a prominent landmark on the district. Elevations here range between 4,200 feet to over 10,000 feet. Precipitation varies from 12 inches in the southern woodlands to over 20 inches in the higher elevations. The district features a great diversity of habitats, from desert and arid grasslands to a mixed conifer forest of spruce and fir above 9,000 feet. Pinon and juniper woodlands and ponderosa pine dominate the landscape between 6,500 and 8,000 feet.

Current Conditions

Call 575-894-6677.  Always be prepared for forest visits with water, food, first aid kit, warm clothing, spare tire and a full tank of fuel.  Be aware that weather  conditions can change quickly. 

Recreation - N.M. Highway 152

The Kingston Campground is open for day use only -  July 1 until September 3 due to the possibility of flooding. 

For a spectacular view of the eastern slope of the Black Range Mountains, stop at Emory Pass Vista.  The day use area has a picnic table and restroom  facilities.

Recreation - N.M. Highway 59

Beaverhead Work Center is open with potable water and restroom facilities. There is no public phone service.

Wolf Hollow Campground has picnic tables, grills, restroom facilities and a livestock corral.  Access to the campground depends on favorable road/weather conditions.


Map of location of the Ranger District on the Forest

District Ranger: Michael Hutchins

Address: 1804 North Date Street

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, 87901

Phone: 575-894-6677

Fax: 575-894-3597

Office hours: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday except for federal holidays

Directions: Exit 79 from I-25.  The district office is located one mile south in the Lakeway Shopping Center.

Area Description

The Black Range area description includes an overview of the main towns where the district offices are located, as well as information on climate, cultural and recreation offerings, medical, schools, housing and transportation.


There are numerous recreation opportunities on the Black Range District. It is best known for access to the rugged Aldo Leopold Wilderness although the recent Silver Fire has changed the landscape of some areas. The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail and a large portion of the Geronimo Trail Scenic Byway crosses the district. Dispersed camping opportunities abound.

Key Contacts

  • Black Range RD
    Phone (575) 894-6677
  • Glenwood RD
    Phone (575) 539-2481
  • Quemado RD
    Phone (575) 773-4678
  • Reserve RD
    Phone (575) 533-6232
  • Silver City RD
    Phone (575) 388-8201
  • Wilderness RD
    Phone (575) 536-2250