Gila National Forest Maps

Pocket Guide

Gila National Forest Pocket GuideA FREE "11" x 18" generalized shaded relief paper map showing main roads, points of interest, main camping and picnic areas (including facilities) and ranger stations. A good introduction to the Gila National Forest is offered on the reverse, as well as some photos showing main attractions. The pocket guide information was last revised in 2018.  A free Gila NF Pocket Guide Map is available from all Gila National Forest district offices or by downloading the pdf. Reminder: All campgrounds on the Gila National Forest are limited to a 14-day camping stay.

Download the Pocket Guide PDF

Visitor Map

Forest Visitor Map

A large 37" x 48" durable stock, double-sided shaded relief map revised in 2017. This map shows in detail Forest Service system roads, points of interest, campgrounds (with facilities) and hiking trails. Map scale is 0.5 inch = 1 mile.


Map cost - $14.00 (free shipping)

Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) are also known as Travel Management Maps are separate and available free at any of the six ranger districts and can be downloaded.

Day Hikes and Rides Near the Gila Visitor Center

Day Hikes and Rides Near the Gila Visitor Center A 24"x 36" paper map with 6 days hikes around the Gila Visitor Center.

Map cost - $2.00  (free shipping)



Wilderness Maps

Wilderness MapThree separate topographic maps are available. These are 1984 edition maps and they have variable scales (approximately 1 inch = 1 mile) and are printed on a more durable water resistant stock.

Other basic information (area background, travel information, ranger district) is also included, though the Blue Range map is more detailed.


  • Gila Wilderness (shown in insert) - 36" x 34", contour interval is 200 ft. (2000 revision).
  • Aldo Leopold Wilderness - 27" x 34", contour interval is 200 ft. (2010 revision).
  • Blue Range Wilderness and Primitive Area - 40" x 36", contour interval is 40 ft. (1998 revision).

Map cost - $14.00 (free shipping)

Ordering Maps

Orders by printing and mailing an  Order Form to the Gila National Forest (the address is on the order form).  Maps ordered using the on-line order form (directly from the Gila NF)  or by calling the Gila NF (575.388.8201) do not incur shipping costs.