Advisory Committees


Resource Advisory Committees (RAC)

The purposes of the Secure Rural Schools Act include making investments and creating employment opportunities by prioritizing and implementing projects that improve the maintenance of existing infrastructure, implementing forest stewardship objectives, and restoring and improving land health and water quality. Members of the RAC will review projects proposed under SRS Title II by participating counties, and coordinate with the Forest Service in recommending Title II projects. RAC members also provide opportunities for other interested parties to participate in developing Title II projects, monitor project implementation, and make recommendations for project adjustments or changes as needed. Secure Rural Schools Program Information


Both Southern Montana and Gallatin Resource Advisory Committees will convene this December to review and reccomend recently submitted proposals.   

These meetings are open to the public. Gallatin RAC meeting informationSouthern Montana RAC meeting information or select appropiate committee spotlight below. 


The funds available to disperse are as follows:                                                                  

Gallatin RAC: Gallatin County ($46,150.00)         

Southern Montana RAC:  Park County ($74,600), Powder River County ($47,400), Stillwater County ($9,800), Sweet Grass County ($26,200)


Contact Information:

Southern Montana & Gallatin RAC Coordinator
Kat Barker 
3710 Fallon Street Suite C
Bozeman, MT 59718, 406-522-2536