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By the Numbers

13 billion dollars contributed to the U.S. economy by visitor spending each year

500 million approximate acres of private, state and tribal forests on which the Forest Service supports sustainable management

A photo of a portage glacier.193 million acres managed by the Forest Service

27 million annual visits to ski areas on national forests

7.2 million acres of wetlands

36.6 million acres of wilderness

400,000 acres of lakes

277,000 heritage sites

158,000 miles of trails

57,000 miles of streams

10,000 professional wildland firefighters

9,100 miles of Scenic Byways

5,000 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers

4,300 campgrounds

154 national forests

122 ski areas

98 percent of wildfires are suppressed within the first 24 hours they are detected

50 percent reduction in the number of bats broken during Major League Baseball games due to the Forest Service research

20 percent of America’s clean water supply provided by the national forests and grasslands

20 national grasslands

13 scientists awarded the Nobel Prize for their work with the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

9 national monuments

1 National Historic Site (Grey Towers)

1 Woodsy Owl

1 Smokey Bear

*Accurate as of November 2013