Conservation Education

Conservation Education (CE) helps people of all ages understand and appreciate our country's natural resources -- and learn how to conserve those resources for future generations. Through structured educational experiences and activities targeted to varying age groups and populations, conservation education enables people to realize how natural resources and ecosystems affect each other and how resources can be used wisely.

Through conservation education, people develop the critical thinking skills they need to understand the complexities of ecological problems. Conservation Education also encourages people to act on their own to conserve natural resources and use them in a responsible manner by making informed resource decisions.

Please explore this Web site dedicated to educators - both formal and non-formal - and take advantage of the varied resources provided.


Climate Change Live

ClimateChangeLIVE Webcast - March 5th and 12th 

The USDA Forest Service is part of a national climate change education partnership, offering teachers and students science-based climate education resources from 27 federal agency and NGO partners. ClimateChangeLIVE’s educational resources are aligned with national science education standards.  The ClimateChangeLIVE distance learning adventure includes an interactive website, housing education resources, videos from youth and teachers, and even an, “Ask A Scientist” option. The website includes an archive of six webinars to help teachers with skills and resources to teach about climate change.  Two climate change education webcasts will be online for classrooms on March 5th and 12th.  The first, “Educate, Inspire, Engage,” will feature the award-winning climate education school assembly presentation from the Alliance for Climate Education.  The webcast also includes videos of youth from different regions of the country, showing climate change impacts in their area.  The 2nd webcast, “Join the Climate Conversation,” brings students together with climate experts for a discussion about climate change and what students and classes around the country are doing to be part of the climate solution.  Students will be able to interact with climate scientists and experts online through facebook and twitter. A GreenWorks! grant will be offered to help schools with climate action projects.   

Website:  www.ClimateChangeLive.org

Conservation Education programs flyer

Click here to download a two-page, printable flyer (pdf) full of information about Conservation Education programs.

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Climate Change Live

The Forest Service and partner, Prince Williams Network, present FSNatureLIVE, a series of distance learning adventures!

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The Children and Nature Initiative

The Children and Nature Initiative educates pediatric health care providers about prescribing outdoor activities to children. The initiative connects health care professionals with local nature sites so they can refer families to safe and easily accessible outdoor areas.

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