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Large deciduous tree in middle of an open park

During my dad's recent hospital stay, I witnessed the healing power of trees. He was assigned to a room that looked out at a bleak brick wall. Needless to say, he didn’t like it. He quickly grew tired
Sunshine peeks through trees and smoke as the slow-moving fire reaches a road.
Arizona residents and Forest Service work together to forge a tighter community
Tonto National Forest

Smoke rising from a forest is ominous. Often it is the first alarm of another wildfire sparked by lightning or carelessness; a wildfire that potentially could become catastrophic and deadly. On Aug
multiple native american dancers speak on stage
A bird’s eye view of prescribed fire

Birds are our melodic neighbors. They soar above skyscrapers in New York City and nest in coastal redwoods in Northern California. Their familiar sight and distinctive calls made bird watching a
Workers feed branches into a chipping machine underneath a power line on a road.
Protecting the wires in the face of wildfire threats

Roseburg, Ore – Phil Bigler, the chief operating officer at Douglas Electric Cooperative, embodies the multifaceted role required to keep the lights on in rural America. From strategic planning and
Wildland firefighter igniting a pile of brush with a drip torch as other firefighters stand in the background
Lake County California puts federal support to local action

The sounds of chainsaws and chippers aren’t normally associated with a sense of new life and vitality. But in Lake County, California, where the 2015 Valley Fire killed 4 people and destroyed nearly 2
Removal of tree branches and trees near a home
Grant paves the way for safer wildfire escape in rural central Washington

Nestled outside the bustling metropolis of Seattle, Washington, Kittitas County straddles the I-90 corridor, attracting outdoor enthusiasts and second-home owners seeking solace amidst nature’s beauty
Large stacks of delimbed timber in piles at a saw mill
New sawmill opens in the Sierra Nevadas
Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest

A sawmill — filled with rotating disks of jagged, cutting knives — may seem at odds with forest health. But those familiar with land management will tell you it’s part of the solution. A newly opened
Image taken at night of a one-story home with the porch lights on, trees outlined in the background and wildfire burning on the hillside behind them
Is your community at risk for wildfires? The answer may surprise you.

In many communities across the country, people fear the potential return of wildfires each year. They watch green spaces dry out and share stories about how they saw flames on a distant ridgetop in
Image shows a series of oak barrels that had been used for bourbon-making lying on their side in rows.
Taking action for more sustainable oak forests, right from the horse’s mouth

The Kentucky Derby is grounded in decades of tradition that many are familiar with—the racetrack, the garland of roses and the famous mint julep. In a nature-friendly twist of events, decades of tree