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A picture of a heavily forested area, showcasing the changing season with various colors, with a very small dirt road or large trail cutting through it.

Glimmers of light dance across the river’s surface as a cool breeze drifts past, gently pulling brilliant red leaves from a sturdy but gnarled maple tree. You watch this bright-red cluster swirl in
A picture showing several forest workers walking on a trail carrying bags full of tree seedlings ready to be planted.

Research Forester Grant Domke thinks a lot about trees and carbon, and he is not alone. When not “captured,” or fixed in place naturally by trees, soil, grasslands and oceans, carbon is one of the
A large mechanical crane thinning out trees in a dense forest.

Imagine you are miles from the nearest highway, in lands where dinosaurs once roamed. In the distance, you see the silhouette of what looks like a T-Rex looming within a thick stand of trees deep
A picture of a cabin house tucked away in a forested area.

J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings, once wrote, “I longed to devise a setting in which the trees might really march to war.” When Tolkien imagined trees marching to war, he probably

A picture of a wildfire burning in a heavily forested area with a helicopter and water bucket attached to the helicopter seen flying above the fire.

Each year, millions of people are exposed to unhealthy air quality. As wildfire seasons grow longer, hotter, and drier, more people feel the effects of smoke – even in communities far from forests
A picture of significant wildfire activity in the hills behind a local community.

Editors note: The Innovative Finance for National Forests grant program, supports partner organizations developing out of the box financial solutions to some of forest management’s most vexing