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One moving part: The Forest Service Ax Manual

MONTANA – The ax has been part of human history for thousands of years. From its earliest beginnings as a stone tool, people used the ax primarily for breaking rather than chopping. As early humans learned to chip the sides of a stone to create sharp edges, the cutting edge was born.

This manual provides a brief history of the ax, describes various types of axes and their uses, and explains how to choose, maintain, and personalize an ax to fit your needs. It also describes the historic importance of the ax in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, and explains why the ax is still relevant for fulfilling the Forest Service mission of caring for the land and serving people. Topics covered include the anatomy of an ax, types of axes and related tools, selecting the right ax for you, the art of filing, sharpening an ax head, restoring or replacing an ax handle, using an ax, maintaining an ax, and purchasing an ax. The manual also contains information about ax manufacturers and suppliers.

Click to view and download the manual.

Editor’s note: The full, low-resolution version of the guide is compatible with assistive technologies. The individual low–resolution sections of the guide (Part 00 through Part 0000) are not compatible with assistive technologies; they are partitioned to facilitate viewing and downloading.

manual cover: Ax manual

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