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HRM: Federal law prohibits marijuana use

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Several states now allow recreational and or medicinal use of marijuana. However, marijuana is still an illegal drug per federal law. All Forest Service employees must remain drug-free and refrain from illegal drug use whether on or off duty regardless of state laws. There have been no changes to the panel of drugs contained in the list of Schedule I drugs under the Controlled Substance Act.

Drug testing

  • Any employee identified for reasonable suspicion drug testing will be tested for marijuana usage.
  • Employees covered under Test Designated Positions will continue to be tested for marijuana. Test Designated Positions generally carry safety or security responsibilities tied to the Forest Service mission. Job functions associated with TDPs relate to public health and safety, the protection of life and property, law enforcement, or national security.
  • Any employee having a positive drug test result for marijuana (or any other illegal drug), will be subject to mandatory administrative actions per DR 4430-792-2, Drug-Free Workplace Program, which includes discipline up to removal for the first finding of illegal drug use.

Caution: Cannabidiol is an active ingredient in cannabis and is not regulated. It can be inaccurately labeled as having no to low levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol, and yet actually contain high levels. If you use CBD, you could test positive for illegal drug use.

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