Outdoor Safety & Ethics

Stay Safe!

Backpack with first aid kitSafety tip: All forest visitors are encouraged to notify family or friends of their trip itinerary including their expected return schedule. It is common for weather conditions to change suddenly in mountainous terrains; sunny mornings can turn into stormy afternoons. Always be prepared for bad weather

The most effective way to prevent mishaps is to prepare and plan ahead. Knowledge of the area, weather, terrain, limitations of your body, plus a little common sense can help to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Please visit the Recreation Outdoor Safety and Ethics pages for more information, tips, and checklists.

Take care of our public lands

As with outdoor safety, backcountry ethics or how you recreate and use the forest determines how it will be left for the next visitor. Whether you are a seasoned wilderness backpacker or a first time hiker, please respect other users and use minimum impact techniques.

With increasing demands on our wilderness, backcountry, and developed recreation sites, it is up to all of us to keep these areas in good condition for the next visitor as well as the next generation.

Check these organization websites for more information on outdoor safety and ethics: