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Good Neighbor Authority

Our forests give us countless benefits: clean drinking water, millions of jobs, recreation opportunities, and more. Keeping these benefits requires forest management--and no one group can do it alone.

Good Neighbor Authority allows the USDA Forest Service to enter into agreements with state forestry agencies to do the critical management work to keep our forests healthy and productive.

Since Good Neighbor Authority was first authorized, the number of projects and participating states has grown. In 2018, Congress expanded authorities for forest management projects related to the Good Neighbor Authority, setting the stage for more growth in cooperative forest management.

Learn more about some of the Good Neighbor Authority projects on the map below, and how state and federal agencies are working to manage forests on a scale never before realized.

Projects Map Viewer

Drag the map or zoom in or out to adjust your view. Click on the pins to see information on specific projects.

Full view Good Neighbor Authority Project Map