Federal Excess Personal Property Program & Firefighter Property Program

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Wed, 04/29/2020 - 10:48
Semi truck hauling hand sanitizer

Responding to COVID-19

The Nebraska Forest Service fire shop at the University of Nebraska is helping Nebraskans during the COVID-19 pandemic by transporting ethanol and hand sanitizer to those in need.  


UPDATE: The mission finished on August 7th with a total of 200,000 gallons of sanitizer transported!


What is the Federal Excess Personal Property Program (FEPP)

The Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) program refers to Forest Service-owned property that is on loan to State Foresters for the purpose of wildland and rural firefighting. Most of the property originally belonged to the Department of Defense (DoD). Once acquired by the Forest Service, it is loaned to state cooperators for fire fighting purposes. The property is then loaned to the state forester, who may then place it with local departments to improve local fire programs. State Foresters and the USDA Forest Service have mutually participated in the FEPP program since 1956.

Yearly FEPP Acquisitions 

What is the Firefighter Property Program (FFP)

The Firefighter Property Program (FFP) refers to one of the Department of Defense's (DoD) special programs where firefighters can get excess DoD property to be used for firefighting and emergency services. Certain property obtained from this program passes ownership after it has been in use for a specified period of time. This program is managed by the Forest Service with cooperation of the state forestry agencies.

Yearly FFP Acquisitions

Publications and Guidance

  • Cognos training material are available by logging into FEPMIS and selecting FAMWEB data warehouse.
  • Use the Julian Date Calendar to determine what the Julian Date Number is for each day of the year.



Federal Excess Property Management Information System (FEPMIS)

A variety of training slides have been developed to assist you in learning FEPMIS modules. Select from the modules below to see step by step instructions on how to perform the functions of each module.


If you do not have a user account in FEPMIS, you must first create your account, click on this link for instructions.

FEPMIS Help Desk

Phone:  1-866-224-7677 or 1-616-323-1667

Visit the Interagency Incident Applications HelpDesk for more information.  

Contact the National FEPP/FPP Program Manager with questions.