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Incident Business Practices

Incident Procurement Purchase Card Lodging Guidance: 


Cooperative Agreement and Cost Share Settlement:

Forest Service Incident Business Practices is the coordination of best business practices for wildfire, non-fire and FEMA emergency responses. 

Large tents with open sides staged at a forest fire.


Information about AD payplans, letters and memos, travel, pay information, hiring and insurance.

USDA Forest Service wildland firefighters putting a tree into a chipper.


Information about all-risk acquisition authority, emergency equipment rental agreements (EERA's) and contracting. 

A photo looking up through tall pine trees, into a smoke filled sky.

Cooperative Relations

Master Cooperative Wildland Fire Managmenet and Stafford Act Response Agreement

Three wildland firefighters standing on a high mountain ridge, watching a CH-47 Chinook helicopter water tanker on wildfire incident.

Cost Accounting

Incident job code direction from 2021 - 2015.

A line of wildland firefighters kicking up dust as they walk down a hillside fire break carrying equipment.


Incident Business Practices archived documents (2016 and older).

Three wildland firefighters walking along a cleared fire break, the first firefighter carring a fire hose.

Incident Payments

Incident Finance Branch Payment Procedures

Soldiers in uniform arranging boxes of food and water under and awning.


The U.S. Forest Service (FS) is the primary link between the interagency wildland fire community, federal structure fire-related agencies, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under the National Response Framework (NRF).

A fire incident basecamps with multiple tents set up in an open field under a smokey sky.

Administratively Determined (AD) Payment Status Report (03/27/2024), (PDF) (1.6 MB) If document doesn't open, please try a different browser such as Chrome.

The ECI is located in the upper left hand corner of the OF-288. You can search the report by hitting Ctrl F and entering your ECI.

If you have questions about this report call ASC Incident Finance 1-877-372-7248, select option #1 then option #3.

AD’s without access to Forest Service computers can email the Budget and Finance Contact Center to submit questions or request additional information regarding payment status.

Wildland firefighters carrying equipment, walking in a line.

Compensation Injury Guidance

This page addresses all work related injuries and illnesses while on wildland fires or other emergency incidents..