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Wildland Fire & Related Videos

Working in Wildland Fire

For Alberto Ortega, being a Fire Prevention Captain is a dream come true. His biggest impact is making contact with the public in amazing places, and inspiring others to love their public lands.

Generations of ranching led Francesca Chavez to consider a career in wildland firefighting with the Forest Service. Her deep interest in conservation and fire ecology have allowed her to connect to a different side of fire, such as fire behavior and weather prediction.

CC Ma is a medical student applying for residency and credits her unique experience as a crew member of the Sawtooth National Forest Hot Shots for teaching her toughness and resiliency.

When wildfires occur, Beth Lund and her team take care of firefighters. Beth is part of an incident management team that specializes in bringing calm to a chaotic situation.

Christina Douglas had a dream of becoming a fire fighter. Her dream came true and now she is a wildland firefighter managing her family and work.

As a lead and one of the few Forest Service female pilots, Mary Verry explains how everyone in aviation is in support of something bigger than themselves. She shares on advice on becoming part of a dynamic profession.

CC Ma is a medical student applying for residency and credits her unique experience as a crew member of the Sawtooth National Forest Hot Shots for teaching her toughness and resiliency.

Born and raised in southern Mississippi, Johnny Walker never thought he’d be fighting fire, hiking mountains and helping with people.

This video portrays the brave wildland firefighters of all federal, state and local agencies serving to protect millions of acres of our forests, our communities, and our natural resources.

This video highlights the parallels between the military and firefighting for veterans to consider a career in wildland fire. The video features a diverse cadre of veterans sharing their experiencing transitioning from life in the military to fighting wildfires.

Wildland Fire Rehabilitation and Restoration

With record drought and tree mortality impacting California, scientists and land managers are looking at adaptive strategies to manage National Forest System lands.

Forest Service Hydrologist Diane Hopster discusses post fire erosion and the resilient landscape within the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.

USDA Forest Service Engineering Geologist Ryan Cole at Multnomah Falls Lodge , Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area in Oregon discussing post fire work at Multnomah Falls Lodge to make it safe for visitors.

Umpqua Forest Supervisor Alice Carlton explaining the post-fire actions taking place on the Umpqua National Forest after wildfires burn 60,000 acres of the nearly million-acre forest.

Reforestation efforts, species considerations, and future operations after the Pioneer Fire on the Boise National Forest, Idaho.

The Briggs Fire had a mixed burn pattern of high, medium, and low severity of fire that burned in the area, which is allowing for different age classes of plants and trees to grow across the landscape.

Resilient Landscapes

Forest and District personnel discuss the role several fuels treatments played in the management of the Brianhead Fire on the Cedar City Ranger District of the Dixie National Forest.

An estimated 129 million trees have died in California’s national forests since 2010. It’s important to look at how the ecosystem works, and how it's tied together, to help to understand why. Researchers discuss two things that help to influence forests: fire and water. 

Uinta-Wastch-Cache National Forest implemented the 900 acre Mill City prescribed fire project in October 2017.


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