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National Seed Laboratory
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Most native plants used for ecosystem conservation and restoration are propagated exclusively from seeds. Sufficient quantities of seeds are needed to restore and sustain native plant communities that are increasingly affected by invasive species, pest infestations, wildfire, and climate change. The National Seed Laboratory (NSL) is currently addressing these complex challenges and is serving as the primary national strategic resource for forest ecosystem seed science and technology.

Penstemon speciosus flower  Native Plant Protocol Development - Protocol  development for seed handling, germination and  storage of a wide range of native  plant seeds. more  plant protocol development


Training and Technology Transfer - Provides training materials, workshops, and customized seed testing workshopindividual training programs and collaborates with research and production facilities nationwide.more training technology transfer


 Genetic Conservation - asteraceae pluchea sericea_arrow-weed flowerSome native plant species  are at risk due to insects, disease, invasive weeds,  overuse by humans, and/or inherent biology.  Seeds, from these species, can be conserved for  decades.  Samples are provided for domestic and international research and sample data is maintained in an internet accessible data base.more genetic conservation

International Work -Certification of seed quality and genetic identity IUFRO posteris needed for seeds traded between countries. NSL represents the US government at the Forest Reproductive Materials Scheme of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. more international work


Individual testing seed  Seed Testing Services - Seed tests results are used  in forest and conservation nurseries to make  efficient use of seeds, to evaluate seed quality in  processing plants and as the basis for seed price  determination.more seed testing services

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