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Recreation Fees and Passes

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Are you ready to recreate on your national forest lands? This page will help you determine if a site requires a recreation fee to help pay for the facilities and services that you will be using. You will also learn about the variety of pass and permit options available to you.



Where Are You Going? Use the map below to find the site you plan to visit. The different colors on the map represent Forest Service "regions." Clicking on the region takes you to the passes & permits section of that region's web site. From there you can find which sites require a fee.



Which Pass Do I Need? To make the best choice on which pass to purchase, you should think about your recreation plans for the next year. You have options such as buying a single day pass, a multi-day pass, or even an annual pass that covers a forest or region. If you plan to recreate in many different spots across the nation, an Interagency Annual Pass may be your best value. You may also qualify for one of the Interagency Lifetime Passes (Interagency Senior Pass or Interagency Access Pass).



Are Golden Passports and National Parks Passes still valid? If you still have a Golden Passport or National Parks Pass they may still be valid. (More Information)



Use the map to discover more about the Forest Service region you plan to visit and learn about local pass options and how to purchase a pass.

Northern Region (R1) Intermountain Region (R4) Southern Region (R8)
Rocky Mountain Region (R2) Pacific Southwest Region (R5) Eastern Region (R9)
Southwest Region (R3) Pacific Northwest Region (R6) Alaska Region (R10)

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Last modified September 01, 2015

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