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Dingell Act Resource Tracking (DART)

The intent of DART is to remotely track the location of active resources and display the location of each fire resource on real-time maps. The tracking will start when a resource is assigned to a federal wildfire.  Privacy and security laws will be followed when tracking resources.

The testing of this tracking system includes conducting at least two pilot projects followed by a review of project results.  As this moves forward it will be important for fire managers to conduct training and maintain a culture where firefighters are not dependent on the system for safety.

The Interagency Fire Management Board (FMB) chartered an interagency DART group with subject matter experts in wildland fire operations and dispatch. An industry week was held in Boise in June 2019 to collect information and hear presentations about this technology from private vendors.  

The Forest Service Pacific Northwest and Pacific Southwest Regions conducted pilot projects in 2019.

Tracking map with colored dots











Sean Triplett, USDA Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management Team Lead, Tools and Technology

Rhonda Toronto, USDA Forest Service Fire and Aviation Management Assistant Director, Capabilities, Development and Integration 

The Forest Service, in cooperation with interagency partners, is currently evaluating new technologies to improve safety, situational awareness and decision making in wildland fire management.  

All procurements follow Federal Acquisition Regulations.