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Recreation Customer Service Standards

Forest Service Standards for Customer Service at Recreation Sites:


The Forest Service strives to provide our recreation customers with quality service.  The customer service standards listed below are our goals for quality service for visitors to our recreation sites and facilities. Resource constraints of staffing and funding often result in maintenance and service activity that is less frequent at sites that are more rustic or have less visitation.

  1. Recreation opportunity information such as: site location, adjacent services, activities available, and accessibility status; is available from a variety of media platforms or sources.
  2. Constructed features, particularly restrooms and garbage containers, are clean, regularly serviced, and in good repair.
  3. Recreation sites are free of litter.
  4. Recreation areas are designed and managed to avoid user conflicts and natural resource impacts.
  5. Applicable laws, regulations, and executive orders are posted and appropriately enforced.
  6. Information on how visitors can give feedback on the quality of recreation sites and facilities is available at recreation sites, on Forest Service websites, and at visitor centers.
  7. Agency staff, volunteers, and concessionaires are respectful, courteous, and helpful.  
  8. Recreation sites are managed to provide a quality recreation experience that is appropriate with the natural environment setting.
  9. Safety concerns are corrected, posted, or the site is closed until repaired.