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Fall - It’s All Yours

The National Forests are for you to explore, and discover. Go. Play. Discover. There are 193 million acres of rivers, mountains, forests for you to enjoy– #ItsAllYours!
Video edited by Charity Parks. Video footage by Charity Parks and purchased stock footage.


Super Awesome Milo & Daddy Camping Trip

Milo Barangan and his father Jayson share their love of camping at the Coconino National Forest near Flagstaff, Arizona. Milo served as executive producer and director and agreed to share the video with Every Kid in a Park. For more information on the program go to Thanks to "Dad, Editor and goon" Jayson Barangan, who works for the Bureau of Land Management and shot this on his own time.


Let's Go Outside! 

This video is meant to inspire parents and kids alike to get outside and have fun playing; all while helping their mind and body at the same time. This video was made to try and improve the general health of children and bring families together in the natural world.


Forest Service gets to the heart of wildland firefighters

It takes a certain type of person to fight wildfires. It’s not what they look like. Or sound like. It’s not their heritage or their culture. It’s their heart. A seven-minute U.S. Forest Service recruitment video, “The Heart of a Firefighter,” takes viewers as close to being as firefighter as possible through a small screen.

The video opens with the crackling sound of fire then, slowly, the sound of a heartbeat intermixes with sounds of thunder, firefighters talking to each other over radios and, increasingly, the sound of tribal vocals and drumming mixed with the electronic music created by A Tribe Called Red. Intermixed are wildland firefighters describing their jobs and their emotional connection to the work that they do.


Puff and Fluff the owls return home

Puff and Fluff, the baby owls that Forest Service firefighters saved during the Carstens Fire in June 2013, are finally home. Terri Williams of the Fresno Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Servicereleased the Western Screech-Owls on July 24 near where they were found the month before in a downed tree in the Sierra National Forest.


Chips the Baby Bobcat

During the Chips Fire on the Plumas National Forest, a baby bobcat was orphaned. While the Forest Service restored the forest, the bobcat, then known as Chips, recovered at a wild animal rehabilitation facility. Recently, Chips was returned to the wild.