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How Do I Apply For A Special-use Permit

  • Contact the Forest Service office where you want a permit to request an application.
  • Prior to submitting the proposal, you are required to arrange a pre-application meeting at the local Forest Service office where the use is being requested. A staff member will discuss your proposal, potential land use conflicts, application procedures and qualifications, probable time frames, fees, bonding requirements, additional coordination with other agencies, environmental reports, and field reviews.
  • Most commercial uses require additional information with the application. You may need business plans, operating plans, liability insurance, licenses/registrations, or other documents. A commercial use is when an applicant intends to make use of NFS lands for business or financial gain.
  • Complete and submit the application form, including supporting documents, to the local Forest Service office. An incomplete proposal could delay the processing.

What does an authorization cost?

  • Cost Recovery Fee is an assessment of fees to recover agency processing costs for special-use applications and monitoring costs for special-use authorizations. These fees are separate from any fees charged for the use and occupancy of agency lands.
  • Land Use Fee is an annual rental fee based on the fair market value for the uses authorized and is payable in advance. Fees are established by appraisal or other sound business management principles.
  • Other Associated Costs may be determined after you provide information and reports necessary to determine the feasibility and environmental impacts of your proposal, compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and terms and conditions to be included in the authorization.