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How to Contract with the Forest Service

The Forest Service works with many businesses in the pursuit of attaining our mission. As a business owner, it is your  responsibility to market and sell your company's products or services to the agency. The following information may assist you in your marketing efforts.

There are three kinds of contracts:

  • Construction: Involves the construction, alteration or repair (including excavating and painting) of buildings, structures or other real property.
  • Service: Directly engages the time and effort of a contractor whose primary purpose is to perform an identifiable task.
  • Supply: Furnishing of a commodity, product or equipment. This also includes the manufacture, fabrication or processing of raw material into a finished product, and may also include procurement of raw materials.

Help yourself understand federal government contracting by visiting the Federal Service Desk and U.S. Small Business Administration

These websites will help you navigate the federal contracting system. Before you can do business with the Forest Service, you must:

  • Identify your product or service: It is essential to know the Federal Supply Class or Service codes and North American Industry Classification System codes for your products or services. Visit the Census Bureau website at
  • Register your business
  • Obtain a DUNS number: The Data Universal Number System number is a unique nine-character identifier. More information is available online through the Dun & Bradstreet Request Service.
  • Register your business with the System for Award Management. This is the federal government’s primary database of vendors doing business with the federal government. Federal Acquisition Regulations require all prospective vendors register with “SAM” prior to the award of a contract, basic agreement, basic ordering agreement or blanket purchase agreement. Vendors must renew/update their data annually to keep their registration active.
  • Know what we need. The Federal Business Opportunities is the major source to learn of federal requirements.