Official Smokey Bear Licensees and Products

Where Can I Buy Official Merchandise?

The Smokey Bear Licensing program is fortunate to have many dedicated licensees who support the work of Smokey Bear and wildfire prevention. All of the businesses work diligently to provide a wide array of quality products. We thank them for their continued support for Smokey Bear and wildfire prevention!

Smoke Bear Official Licensee Logo

All products undergo a thorough approval process prior to being produced and distributed. Officially licensed merchandise carries the licensing logo and U.S. Code citation. Merchandise is available for all product categories and is available at major retailers and direct from our licensees. Contact our licensees directly or visit their websites to view recent offerings.

You can help! Ask your local retailers to carry officially licensed Smokey Bear merchandise and spread the word about wildfire prevention. Product infringements should be reported to

Reports of misuse of the Smokey Bear image or likeness should be directed to

Interested in becoming a Smokey Bear Licensee? Visit our how to become a Smokey Bear Licensee page for more information. 

The following table provides the current list of Official Smokey Bear Licensees along with their products and contact information. You can view all licensees or sort by product category.

Licensee Products Categories Email Address Telephone Number Website Link
Advanced Graphics Tabletop, midsize and life size cardboard stand-ups, fabric cling wall decor, stand-up book Gifts & Novelty Items, Stationary, Publication 801-499-5000 x105
AEO Management Co. (Tailgate Clothing) Men's T-shirts, Women's t-shirts and fashion knits. Apparel 212-561-4885
Ande Rooney, Ltd Signs, magnets Housewares, Stationary, Signage 845-691-2260
Angry Minnow Vintage, LLC Tops; headwear Apparel, Accessories 952-913-6698
Aquarius Merchandising Puzzles, playing cards, mug, tin sign, fun box, buttons and magnets Toys & Games, Housewares, Stationary, Gifts & Novelty Items 661-775-2546
ARL, Inc. dba Riley Blake Designs Wholesale Only - Sewing and Quilting fabrics, cotton, flannel, fleece, etc., project kits and craft items, fabric based finish goods, fleece blankets, tote bags, baby blankets Crafts and Hobbies, Housewares 888-768-8454
Aurora World Toys & Games - Plush Toys & Games, Gifts & Novelty Items 562-205-1222
Bear Essentials (Casual Graffix) T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, mugs and stickers Apparel, Accessories, Housewares, Stationary 518-891-8191
Cali's Finest Clothing T-shirts and trucker hats Apparel, Accessories 707-775-5775
CardNotions Wood cut ornaments Stationary, Gifts & Novelties 541-389-3784
Cascade Carvings Carved Smokey statues Collectibles & Figures 509-697-8853
Concept 360/DBA LR360 LLC Adult Apparel; Headwear; Stickers; Magnets; Coasters; Signs Apparel, Accessories, Stationary, Housewares, Signage 801-327-3551
Couple Carvers (The) Smokey carvings/statues Collectibles & Figures 715-425-7255
Covee Apparel, accessories, headwear, socks Apparel, Accessories 412-855-2695
Dan and Dave Industries Playing cards Toys & Games 714-721-4865
Dapper Ink (The Landmark Project) Tee shirt, Bandana, Patch, Pin, Hat Apparel, Accessories, Gifts & Novelties 864-593-9332
Desperate Enterprises, Inc. Metal signs, metal thermometers, magnet, light switch plate Housewares, Gifts & Novelties, Signage 330-239-0500
Devon Nicholson hand painted needlepoint canvases for purchasers to stitch the designs and/or fabricate them for final use Housewares 209-920-3230
Dewey Trading Company Blanket, baseball caps, steel lamps, coat racks, nightlights, paperwieghts Housewares, Apparel 425-883-8894
Diego Bovi Design Custom label lip balms, CO aspen coaster sets, keychains, magnets and signs made of aspen, koozies, coffee mugs, lamps and shades, travel pillow Housewares, Gifts & Novelties, Accessories, Health & Beauty Aids 808- 785-4193
Eastern National Forest Interpretative Assn. socks, nail files, bookmarks Apparel, Gifts & Novelties 989-739-0595
Education Outdoors Plush interactive book and bear, 4" and 8" plush key chain with QR code, vinyl collectible Toys & Games, Accessories, Stationary 231-599-2763
Education Specialty Publishing Coloring book, fun sheet, safety club (including certificate, pledge card, stickers and tattoo), Presentation Display (including banner), Rack Card, Silicone wrist band, key chain, flyer disk, note pads, pens, crayon pack, DVD, pamphlet, water bottle, drawsting backpack, cup, bookmark, coloring poster Publications, Toys & Games, Accessories, Stationary 877-329-0578 x 1106
Endless Movement Inc DBA Kinetix Apparel and Accessories, t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats Apparel, Accessories 213-494-9914
Facemakers, Inc. Smokey complete costume Costumes 815-273-3944
Filson Co. (C.C. Filson) baseball cap, knit cap, full brimmed hat, water bottles, mugs, coolers, blankets, totes, backpacks, outdoor furniture, postcards, notebooks, playing cards, stickers, apparel/clothing Apparel, Accessories, Housewares, Stationary, Toys & Games, Outdoor, Stationary 800-624-0201
FireSmart Promotions (dba The Beistle Companies) Plastic fire hats, plastic Trooper (Smokey hats), plastic decal badges and sticker badges, fun stickers, vinyl banners, pennant, bookmarks, award ribbons, rosette award ribbons, buttons, certificates, miniature Smokey stand up, paper fire trucks, life sized Smokey cardboard cut-out, paper mask, coloring pposters, activity sheets, Smokey cutouts, paper hats, decals, coloring books, crayons. Stationary, Accessories, Collectibles & Figures, Gifts & Novelty Items 877-387-4287
FJ Designs dba The Cat's Meow Village Housewares - Home Decor Housewares, Collectibles & Figures, Gifts & Novelty Items 330-262-3196
Forest Synergy, LLC Smokey Bear hiking stick medallion Outdoor 502 545-1481
Fred X Bear Co metal cut out of Smokey Bear Housewares, Signage 434-990-1274
Freedom Signs Signs, wood carved signs and hand painted signs Housewares, Signage 951-970-7998
Friends of Smokey Bear Balloon Educational materials, Apparel, Pins, Stickers, Patches, Cold and Hot Air Balloon Stationary, Publishing, Apparel, Accessories 505-310-2469
Funko, LLC Stylized vinyl, stylized apparel and accessories, consumables Apparel, Food and Beverages, Toys & Games, Collectibles & Figures 425-783-3616
Grand Central Gems Miniature trees and bridges for model trains/ Xmas village accessories. Miniature forest scenes to include Smokey Bear. Crafts & Hobbies, Collectibles & Figures, Toys & Games 801-891-7255
Great Air, Inc. dba N-Flatables Bounce house, inflatable Smokey play house Attraction/Events 800-811-7002
Habitat Skateboards skateboard decks, hats, t-shirts Apparel, Accessories, Outdoor 937-545-2104
Hogeye, Inc Lapel pins,medallions, coins, magnets, ornaments, patches, keychains Gift and Novelty Items, Stationary, Accessories 479-300-6160
Hybrid Promotions LLC (dba Hybrid Apparel, Hybrid-jem, JemSportswear, Awake) apparel- adult, kids and infant/toddler Apparel 714-952-3866
Impact Photograhics Magnets, postcards, flags, pens, keychains, recycled bags, playing cards, tin signs, mugs, tokens, coins, stickers, pins, charms, 3D bookmark, jotter (notepad) and a poster Stationary, Accessories, Toys & Games, Housewares, Gifts & Novelty Items 800-950-0110
J & M Creations Lapel Pins Gift and Novelty Items 760-242-1617
Jerry Leigh (Fortune Fashions) Young Men's basic tees, fashion tops, and fleece, and Boys, Infants, Toddler Boys-Tees Fashion Tops, Knit & Woven tops, Vests and knit & woven bottoms Apparel 818-909-6200 x504
Karen Signell Smokey Bear: The Cub Who Left His Pawprints on History Publishing (561)245-7311
KB Emblem Co. Bags, decals, commemorative coins, lapel pins, patches, hats, shirts, jackets, signs, blankets, fleece Gift and Novelty Items, Housewares, Accessories, Apparel, Collectibles & Figures 570-629-1071
Keep Oregon Green Association License plates Automotive 503-945-7499
Kelley Farms, LLC Honey with shrinkwrap of Smokey and Smokey hat Food & Beverages, Accessories 903-782-5746
Kids Preferred, Inc. Plush dolls, plush key rings, talking Smokey dolls Toys & Games, Accessories 732-274-1144
Kurt Adler Ornaments, gifts, decorations Seasonal Novelty 212-924-0900
Lantern Press Bookmarks, aprons, postcards, card cases, journals, canvas prints, keychains, car coaster, luggage tags, coaster, magnets, compact mirror, mints, giclee prints, notecard, gift tag, ornament, pins, ornament, patch, post, whistle, tote bags, stickers, mugs, glasses, travel mug, trivet, water bottles, mason jar Apparel, Housewares, Stationary, Food & Beverages, Outdoor 206-971-8474
Laser Reproductions Wood and metal signs, thermometers, trivets, felt coasters, license plates, cutting boards Housewares, Automotive 847-677-8333
Lion Brothers Company. Inc. Embroidered patches & cap Accessories 410-363-1000 x378
Lucky Brand Dungarees, LLC apparel and accessories for men, women and children Apparel, Accessories 213-443-2964
Mad Engine Inc. t-shirts, fashion tops, fleece, onesies Apparel 858-558-5270
Metal and Wood Design Co. Wood postcards, Bookmarks, wood and metal products Stationary, Gift & Novelty Items 215-442-1506
MT Publishing (Harry McClellan/Punky) Book on history of fire prevention posters. Publishing 812-468-8022
MT Publishing (Susan Hauser) Juvenile Book, HotFoot Teddy, The True Story of SB Publishing 505-294-3142
Nutron - OSM Signs, Banners, Bookmarks, Posters and Trail Markers Outdoor, Signage, Gifts & Collectibles, Accessories, Gifts & Novelties 888-737-5052
Ohio Division of Forestry Drinkin coasters, walking sticks, t-shirts, ornament Apparel, Housewares, Outdoor, Stationary 614-265-6702
Open Road Brands,LLC Wall art, containers (trays, lunch boxes), clocks, wall hooks, temperature gauges, magnets, door hangers, book boxes. Housewares, Back to School, Stationary 316-337-7643
Ouray Sportswear Men's, women's and youth apparel, outerwear, headwear Apparel, Accessories 800-891-3915
Outdoor Cap Company, LLC Caps, Hats, Beanies, Visors, Headbands Accessories 479-696-0511
Outdoor Heir shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeve tshirts and tshirts Apparel 605-645-2679
P&M Signs Outdoor Fire Danger signs Outdoor, Signage 505-847-2850
Paradies & Company decorated apparel, hard good lines, key chains, hats, bags, accessories Apparel, Accessories 407-290-5288 ext 148
Philcos Enterpriser USA, Inc. dba Philcos Enterpriser Limited Tops, Hosiery, Sleepwear Apparel 905-568-3047
Phipps International LLC Tops, Sweatshirts, Sweaters, Patches Apparel, Accessories 415-260-3026
Recollect Threads Ltd., dba Locale Outdoor Knit Caps/Hats; Baseball caps/hats; Socks Accessories, Apparel 970-845-1150
Retro 1951 Writing pens, stationery products, leather portfolios, pen holder Stationary 972-479-1405 ext- 322
Rhythm-n-Roots (dba - Wear Your Roots; WYR) Clothing and accessories, t-shirts, tank tops, hats, vinyl decals Apparel, Accessories, Stationary, 406-531-5383
Ripple Junction men's and women's tees, fleece, tanks and fashion tops, socks, headwear, bags, pins and patches Apparel, Accessories, Gifts & Novelties 513-559-3900
Robotronics Smokey Bear Robot(fully animated),Smokey Bear Animated Costume(moving mouth, eyelids, etc.),Smokey Bear standard costume, Smokey Bear puppet (adult sized,for use in fire safety program), and Smokey Bear Robot (driving a fire truck) Costumes, Toys & Games, Electronics 801-489-4466
Royal Bobbles Smokey Bear bobblehead doll Gifts & Novelty Items, Toys & Games, Collectibles & Figures 770-781-9850
Sean Hemak apparel Apparel 503-998-9773
Shafton, Inc. Smokey Bear Costume Costume 918-985-5025
Signs & Shapes International Inflatable Smokey Bear costume - 8 feet tall, wearable walk-around costume Costume 402-331-3181
Smokey Mountain Knife Works camping knives, utility knives Housewares
Smokey Signals Inc. (formerly Sykes Services) Antenna ball, air freshener, window cling, tattoo/body sticker, whistle badge, wrist & pocket watch, desk clock, LCD watch, balloon, t-shirt, Costume, Inflatable Smokey Accessories, Apparel, Automotive, Outdoor, Housewares, Costumes, Toys & Games, Stationary, Collectibles & Figures, Crafts & Hobbies, Gifts & Novelties, Outdoor 530-628-4136
SmokeyZone, LLC Six foot and two foot 3D Smokeys and new six foot aluminum Smokey, round SB message signs, fire danger signage, SB counter top display, weather vane, Miniature Smokey Statue, Lidited edition Smokey prints Collectibles & Figures, Outdoor, Housewares 541-815-8220
Socksmith Design, Inc. Apparel-Adult Apparel-Hosiery, Apparel-Kids Apparel-Hosiery Apparel, 831-426-6416
SRL Apparel dba Printed Image t-shirts, sweatshirts, denim shirts, polo shirts, jackets, bandanas, tote bags, calendars, briefcase, hip pack, caps and "The Story of Smokey Bear" book Apparel 866-898-9525
Starbound Entertainment 50 foot SB parade balloon and 15 foot SB cold air balloon Collectibles & Figures 724-971-2778
Sun Oak Arts Original watercolor painting featuring Smokey Bear, prints and note cards/stationary Stationary, Housewares 570-992-7007
Tai Apparel Juniors, Womens, Mens, boys, girls, toddlers, Sleep tops and bottoms, knits and wovens Apparel 612-432-5152
Texas Hand Basket soft fabric book panels, fabric panels for quilting, coordinating fabrics, redwork design, fabric cut outs Crafts & Hobbies, Housewares, Gifts & Collectibles 254-652-5524
The Forecast Agency Men's and women's tees, accessories - headwear, socks, Women's - windbreakers, wovens, Men's - tee, wovens Apparel, Accessories 661-607-8503 / 626-808-3684
The Graphic Divide LLC dba Montana Supply Tops, Hats, Patches, Coffee mugs, Stickers Apparel, Accessories, Housewares, Stationary 406-995-3490
The Natural Baby Company, LLC Kids apparel, Bags, Luggage, Accessories Apparel, Accessories 406-522-0810
The Sawmill Shop Smokey Head Cutout,Fire Danger Interchangeable levels, Bookmark Cutout, Standing Smokey Housewares, Signage, Collectibles & Figures, Gifts & Novelty Items 864-884-5439
The Supply Cache Inc. Reseller of products from other licensees Apparel, Gifts & Novelties 800-839-0821/ Gov sales - 970-530-1893
Thomas Webb Fine Art & Illustration Limited edition portrait prints- various sizes Housewares 503-267-5408
Togethermade LLC Crafts & Hobbies, Craft Kits-Leather Crafts & Hobbies 206-818-5245
Torch dba The Mitten State Adult t-shirts; children's t-shirts Apparel 616-723-3356
Toy Train Operating Society Model Trains Toys & Games, Crafts & Hobbies 714-449-9391
Trau & Loevner Basic fashion tees and fleece for juniors and young men Apparel 412-361-7700
USDA Employee Services & Recreation Association Holiday ornaments featuring Smokey Bear 60th Anniversary, Apparel Apparel, Accessories, Toys & Games, Stationary 202-720-3772
Virtual Running Club Smokey bear assets for medals, shirts, race bibs, stickers, accessories Apparel, Gifts & Novelty Items 573-489-7640
Western Heritage Reseller of products from other licensees Apparel, Gifts & Novelty Items, Accessories 800-303-5703
Wetduck Design Ceramic tiles and signage, apparel, hoodies, wristbands, tees, mugs/steins, vinyl for windows, bumper stickers, pins Apparel, Housewares, Accessories, Gifts & Novelty Items, Stationary 619-729-1437
Whistles for Life Tri-Power Safety whistle with custom logo Outdoor, 800-454-5706
Wild Tribute T-shirts, stickers, sometimes magnets and hard goods in the future. Apparel, Accessories, Stationary 859-466-7492
Wildland Firefighter Foundation 12'' and 8" Smokey plush dolls, Adult baseball caps, clip watch, mugs, shirts, key rings Apparel 208-336-2996
Wildtree Outdoor LLC Camera straps Accessories 435-703-5420
Woodland Enterprises Direct marketing catalog of licensed Smokey products, True Story of Smokey Bear Book, Wendelin cotton throw Apparel, Publications, Housewares, Stationary, Gifts & Novelty Items, Accessories, Toys & Games, Automotive, Collectibles & Figures, Outdoor 208-882-4767