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Plant-A-Tree Program

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Honor Someone You Know

The Forest Service Plant-A-Tree program helps to reforest public lands while honoring someone you know!

Illustration of a pinecone attached to a small branch of evergreen needles


The USDA Forest Service Plant-A-Tree Program was established in 1983.


The purpose is to allow individuals or groups to voluntary contribute funds directly to the Forest Service for tree planting on National Forests as a positive and personal step toward improving the environment. According to the Internal Revenue Service, contributions to this program qualify as charitable deductions under section 170(c) (1) of the Internal Revenue Service code.


The suggested minimum donation is $ 10.00. For this amount, we can usually plant between approximately 10 seedlings, generally conifers. The contributed funds are used exclusively for acquiring seedlings and to cover the cost of planting trees. The Forest Service will take care of the trees as part of their normal reforestation activities. Trees will not be individually identified; we do not plant a specific tree in memory of an individual. Trees will be planted for multiple use management purposes and may be subject to harvesting at the appropriate time. Planting takes place during the next planting season following the donation.


To commemorate the contribution, we provide a certificate either to the donor or to another party named by the donor. If you are making the contribution on behalf of another person or family, please indicate the name of the person or people you wish recognized and the name will be placed on the certificate. We will also note your name as the contributor on the certificate unless otherwise noted. We will need the address where to send the certificate if it is to go somewhere other than to the person making the contribution.


The funds we receive in the national headquarters office over the course of the year are pooled and distributed annually toward selected projects. We fund projects where the greatest reforestation need exist. We cannot predict where these areas will be from one year to the next. These are usually areas where fires or other natural disturbance events have resulted in the need to plant trees. Donated funds will be used to plant trees on National Forests throughout the United States. Trees will be of a size and species suitable to the location. The number of trees planted with a given donation will vary because of varying costs at different locations. Trees will not be individually identified on the ground, but will be part
of a plantation planted for reforestation purposes. Such plantations will be managed for multiple uses, the same as other National Forest lands.
If you want your donation to go only to a specific national forest, you may contact the forest directly to make your contribution.


We are currently in the process of adding the option to pay by credit or debit card.