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Partnerships 101

This page has the “How to” information for any stage of collaboration starting with understanding the Forest Service, legal requirements, funding and other details.

Understand the Forest Service

  • About the Agency: a broad overview of the Forest Service and information on agency history, the Strategic Plan, budget, regulations and newsroom links.
  • Forest Service Map Finder provides a comprehensive list of maps including a National Overview Map, and topographic, motor vehicle, visitor and other maps.  
  • Agency organization provides a detailed look at how the U.S. Forest Service is organized.


Start a new partnership


Explore funding opportunities

Check out information and links on the Funding Information page.


Legal & administrative aspects of a partnership

Many partnerships have formal arrangements that involve legal documents or administrative tasks.  While the Forest Service grants and agreement specialist is responsible for paperwork or legal instruments, partners may want to learn more about them.  Remember--it’s important to consult early and often with the Forest Service Grants and Agreements team.  Visit the Legal and Administrative Information page for detailed information. 


Maintain a Successful Partnership


Evaluate, Adapt or Close out a partnership