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Volunteer Opportunities

Some typical volunteer projects range from a single-day project to a long-term undertaking for several months. There are many types of volunteer opportunities suitable for your talents and skills. We want to match your skills with your work preference to give you an enjoyable experience and best fulfill the mission of the Forest Service. Examples of opportunities are listed below. What captures your interest?

  • Volunteer Management. We need managers to lead volunteer projects.
  • Maintaining and hosting campgrounds. These volunteer positions generally require a minimum of two weeks.
  • Answering phones, greeting visitors, and answering mail at Forest Service visitor centers and ranger stations.
  • Monitoring wilderness use as a Wilderness Steward/Ranger.
  • Join a group or work individually on trail maintenance and various building projects.
  • Working with specialists in wildlife, botany, and fisheries/watershed research.
  • If you or your organization needs a community service project, we might be able to match you with a need out there on the forest.
  • Passport In Time (PIT) provides volunteer opportunities for the public to work with professional archaeologists and historians on national forests across the country. Projects include diverse activities such as archaeological excavation, survey, oral history, or historic structure restoration.

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Differing opportunities vary with each National Forest. For more information, contact your local national forest or grassland.