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About International Programs

U.S. Forest Service International Programs promotes sustainable forest management and biodiversity conservation internationally. By linking the skills of the field-based staff of the U.S. Forest Service with partners overseas, the agency can address the world’s most critical forestry issues and concerns. International Programs regularly engages the agency's wide range of expertise. Wildlife biologists, forest economists, hydrologists, disaster and fire management specialists, and policy makers are among those who comprise the staff of over thirty thousand employees.

Since international cooperation is necessary to sustain the ecological and commercial viability of global forest resources and to conserve biodiversity, most of our work is done in collaboration with other organizations. Our partners include:

  • Other U.S. Government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of State, the United States Agency for International Development, Millennium Challenge Corporation and Foreign Agricultural Service; 
  • Multilateral institutions such as the World Bank and United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization; 
  • Non-government organizations, such as Wild Salmon Center and The Nature Conservancy
  • Universities

The United States benefits from our work overseas. Innovative technologies are brought back home, cross boundary environmental problems are addressed, and opportunities to hone U.S. Forest Service skills are increased. We also support domestic economic and conservation interests through our work on combating illegal logging, protecting migratory species’ habitats, and controlling invasive species. The current challenges facing U.S. forestry community require a global approach. 

Learn more about our Program Topics and Where we work.