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Fighting future fires

A picture showing several firefighters working on a hillside, digging fireline.
Blue Ridge and Plumas Hot Shots working on the 2021 Dixie Fire in the Lassen National Forest, California. At nearly 1 million acres, the Dixie Fire was the second largest wildfire in California history. Climate change is anticipated to increase the extent of wildfires and firefighting costs on federal lands. USDA Forest Service photo by Cecilio RicardoClimate change…
wildfire, climate change, fuel reduction, drought

From Forests to Faucets: Where does your drinking water come from?

A picture of a small waterfall in a forested area.
Watersheds are land areas, also known as basins or drainage areas, where rainfall flows to streams and rivers and then to outlets, like an ocean or bay. National forests and grasslands are home to watersheds that provide clean drinking water for millions of people. Photo credit: Eric Vallery, USDA Forest ServiceStanding on the banks of the Yadkin River in Wilkesboro…
water, watershed, climate change, research

Young Women in Central Africa are a New Generation of Leaders on Climate Change

30 Cameroonian women and their instructors posing for a photo.
30 Cameroonian women and their instructors pose for a photo following workshops and seminars from the Central Africa Women’s Initiative for Climate Action. The program seeks to support these young women in gaining technical skills that will advance their careers in fields climate change mitigation, carbon emissions reporting, and tropical forest management. Photo…
climate change, international programs, Climate Fellows, central africa, women, leadership

Climate Fellow works with partners in Costa Rica to monitor tropical forests and tackle climate change

A picture showing Hamilton and six other members of his crew inside a green lush forest posing for a picture.
Tropical countries are home to abundant forest resources. The Forest Service manages several programs that address climate change in tropical forests around the world. The Climate Fellows program, which the Forest Service manages with funding from the State Department, embeds experts in a host country to serve as technical advisors. These experts help build local…
climate change, International Cooperation, Forest Monitoring, Land Use, Climate Fellows

Growing trees – and capturing carbon

A picture showing several forest workers walking on a trail carrying bags full of tree seedlings ready to be planted.
Planting the right trees in the right places at the right densities could greatly increase the amount of carbon captured on forest lands. USDA Forest Service photo from Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.Research Forester Grant Domke thinks a lot about trees and carbon, and he is not alone. When not “captured,” or fixed in place naturally by trees, soil, grasslands…
research, carbon, planting trees, carbon storage, climate change

Trees Are Climate Change, Carbon Storage Heroes

A picture of a cabin house tucked away in a forested area.
Trees hold carbon both while they grow and long after they are harvested. This wooden cabin and the trees around it will continue to store carbon until decomposition or fire releases it into the atmosphere. USDA Forest Service photo.J.R.R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings, once wrote, “I longed to devise a setting in which the trees might really march…
climate change, carbon, trees, carbon storage